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Why Some Women Take Longer To Get Pregnant
It is a fact that women of the previous generation got pregnant effortlessly. Today, the percentage of women suffering from fertility issues is increasing. This applies to men too. The sperm count in today's men is much less compared to the ...
Why Can It Take Long To Get Pregnant

Why A Calorie Is Not A Calorie
Today, everybody talks about calories. They maintain charts that explain the number of calories that exist in all types of foods. But do you know why counting calories isn't enough. Most of us think that controlling calorie consumption is enough to ...
Why A Calorie Is Not A Calorie
An Egg A Day May Spurt Growth In Kids
Eating an egg a day can significantly increase growth and reduce stunting by 47 per cent in young children, finds a study."Eggs can be affordable and easily accessible. It can be a good source of nutrients for growth and development in ...
An Egg A Day May Spurt Growth In Kids
Top Benefits Of The Paleo Diet That You Need To Know Of
Ever wondered what a paleo diet is? Paleo diet is considered the best to make yourself healthy and to lose weight. It contains nutritional methods that work with genetics in order to make you strong and energetic as well as lean. ...
Right Food Habits To Follow To Reduce Cancer Risk
Have you ever thought of what kinds of foods can help reduce the risk of cancer? Certain food combinations, serving sizes and cooking methods can actually help in a great way keeping a person off the radar of developing cancer. This ...
Right Food Habits To Reduce Cancer Risk
Unusual Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Cancer!
Among the numerous diseases that affect living beings, cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases, owing to its symptoms and mortality rates. In most cases, patients who suffer from cancer succumb to the disease, as the side effects can be ...
Natural Tips To Prevent Cancer
Eat These Common Foods To Treat Anxiety Naturally!
If you are someone who is prone to panic attacks and chronic anxiety on a regular basis, then, there are certain foods that can help treat the condition. A certain level of anxiety is common in every human being, caused by ...
Home Remedy To Firm Up Sagging Breasts That Really Works!
When you look at your breasts in the mirror, if you feel that they are saggy or droopy, than they should normally be, then it could make you rather disappointed, right? Since times immemorial, women with bigger, firmer breasts are considered ...
Home Remedy For Saggy Breasts Aloe Egg
Interesting Facts About Ovulation
Couples who wish to become parents may need to keep an eye on the ovulation days. In fact, couples who don't wish to become parents may also need to know about the ovulation days. Pregnancy needs to be a planned thing. ...
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