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Ways In Which You Can Get Pregnant Without Penetration

Pregnancy happens when a sperm meets an egg and fertilizes it. It is as simple as that. But is it possible for a sperm to reach an egg if it was never put into the vagina in the first place? Or in other words, can pregnancy happen if there was no penetrative sex? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Unwanted pregnancy is a thing that fuels nightmares in many people. There are many ways to prevent it like a condom, a diaphragm, an IUD or more permanent means like a tubectomy or a vasectomy. But many people still rely on the very risky method of ejaculating outside the vagina.

Though even the other means of contraception are not 100 percent risk free, the pull out method is much riskier. There are other ways that can lead a stray sperm to fertilize an egg. So, the only true method of contraception is abstinence.

Today, we shall talk about the ways in which a sperm can fertilize an egg without penetration or ejaculation inside the vagina. The fact remains that there are ways in which the sperm can enter the vaginal canal even if it was not ejaculated into position. Read on to know more.

Facts You Need To Know About Fertilization

• There are a lot of sperms released in every ejaculation

Did you know that, on an average, a man with a normal level of fertility releases more than 20 million sperms in each ejaculation? Anything less than 20 million can be called a low sperm count. This is still a huge number. It just takes one single sperm to fertilize an egg.

• Pre-ejaculate can contain sperm too

You might think that the slimy pre-ejaculate is anything but fertile. While it only has very few sperms when compared to the ejaculate, it still can cause pregnancy. Pregnancy from pre-ejaculate is very rare but it is possible.

• Sperms are designed to gravitate towards an egg

The destiny, so to speak, of a sperm, is to reach the egg and it is designed to do it. The sperm is motile or it can swim using its tail to make its way towards the egg. It doesn't matter if it is released inside the vagina or on the vulva, it will still try to find its way into the vagina.

• Sperms can survive exposure to air

The sperms can live after being exposed to air even if it is just for a few minutes. In some cases, it can mean a difference between a baby and no baby. The place where the sperm is ejaculated makes a crucial point in deciding if the sperm makes it into the vaginal canal.

• Sperm will live longer in a moist, warm place

Heat and moisture will aid a longer life for a sperm, giving it enough time to make its way into the vagina. If the sperm lands on a piece of dry clothing or on a cold piece of jewellery, chances are that it would die in seconds. On the other hand, if it lands on the skin or in an area with plenty of moisture or vaginal secretions, chances are that it can live to make a baby.

With the facts out of the way, let us look at the various ways in which you can get pregnant without ejaculation in the vagina.

• Ejaculation near the genitals of a woman

The ejaculation near the genitals of a woman can cause pregnancy too. It doesn't matter if there was no penetrative sex. Dry humping, oral sex, or foreplay can all potentially cause pregnancy if the ejaculation is done near the vulva.

• Ejaculation on fabrics that can be penetrated by the sperm

Technically, the sperm can penetrate through flimsy fabrics like lace. If the ejaculation is done on such clothes and it is close to the genitals, it can potentially cause pregnancy. You must keep in mind that this scenario is very rare.

• If there is ejaculate on the fingers

If there is any ejaculate on the fingers and the fingers enter the vagina, the sperms on the finger can still cause pregnancy. In this case, the ejaculation need not have happened anywhere near the genitals of the female for a pregnancy to happen.

• Ejaculate on a sex toy or an object used in sexual activity

If the ejaculate accidentally gets on an object used for sexual pleasure or on a sex toy and if it is then inserted into the vaginal canal, it can cause pregnancy.

• Anal sex

Under normal conditions, anal sex doesn't cause pregnancy. But if the ejaculation during anal sex is done in the rectum and some of it leaks to reach the genitals of the female, it can potentially cause pregnancy. The chances of this happening are not huge but it still is a possibility.

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