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Waitress With Revealing Clothes May Suffer Anxiety Disorders
Women working in bars and restaurants where they are required to be scantily clad may experience higher levels of anxiety and disordered eating, according to a new study.The study found that female servers in these types of restaurants -- dubbed as ...
Waitress With Revealing Clothes May Suffer Anxiety Disorders

Why Indians Use Clay Cups For Chai? Are They Healthy?
In most parts of Northern India, tea of 'chai' is generally served in an earthen clay cup. These cups are used only once as they are disposable. When you relish tea in a clay cup (kulhar), it is totally a different ...
Health Benefits Of Ashoka Tree
Ashoka tree is commonly seen in India. It is an evergreen tree. In India and Nepal, this tree is considered sacred. The tree also has medicinal properties. In India, the bark, flowers and even the stems are first dried and then ...
Benefits Of Ashoka Tree
Are High Hemoglobin Levels Dangerous?
Most of us worry when the hemoglobin levels dip. But do you know that too much of hemoglobin should also be monitored? Generally, when hemoglobin levels decline, one tends to get anemic. But when the same hemoglobin levels raise beyond a ...
Are High Hemoglobin Levels Dangerous
Health Benefits Of Rock Candy
Rock candy is known in India with the name mishri. It tastes sweet and is composed of large crystals of sugar. It is nothing but unrefined sugar. It is made of sugarcane. It can also be made of palm dates. Refined ...
World Laughter Day 2020 : Benefits Of Laughing Out Loud
"Laughter is the best medicine", goes a saying. The reason why the first Sunday in the month of May is celebrated every year as the "World Laughter Day" is to spread awareness about the importance of laughter. Laughing is healthy. Laughter ...
World Laughter Day Why You Must Laugh
Yoga May Reduce Symptoms Of Menstrual Disorders
Practicing yoga may enhance mood and reduce pain in women affected by menstrual distress associated with physical and psychological symptoms, says a study.For the study, the researchers carried out a systematic review of the published literature on yoga practice and common ...
Yoga May Reduce Symptoms Of Menstrual Disorders
Can Unprotected Intercourse Cause Bacterial Vaginosis?
Unprotected intercourse may cause several problems like STI's but most of us never really know that it could also cause something as common as a vaginal infection. Also Read: What Causes Swollen Vagina? Yes, bacterial vaginosis can also be caused by ...
Is Saffron A Mood Booster? Read This!
A study reveals that depression would soon become the world's second most dangerous disorder. And the problem with conventional treatment methods is the side effects of medication. A safer approach to dealing with mood related disorders is by embracing natural methods ...
Does Saffron Work For Depression
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