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Are High Hemoglobin Levels Dangerous?


Most of us worry when the hemoglobin levels dip. But do you know that too much of hemoglobin should also be monitored?

Generally, when hemoglobin levels decline, one tends to get anemic. But when the same hemoglobin levels raise beyond a limit, it isn't good for health.

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Are you wondering why a good thing can do bad to you? Then you must read this.


What Is Hemoglobin?

It is a protein. It is present in the RBC (red blood cells). It contains iron. The blood gets the red colour due to the presence of this protein. And yes, it transports oxygen.


Why Low Levels Of Hemoglobin Are A Concern?

When your blood contains low levels of hemoglobin, it means it fails to supply enough oxygen to various parts of your body. That is when anemia occurs.

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What Happens When Hemoglobin Levels Raise?

Your blood will turn too thick. This will restrict the circulation! Poor circulation leads to many other problems.


What Is High And What Is Low?

For men, normal levels should be around 13.8 to 17.2 g/dL. For women, it is 12.1 to 15.1 g/dL. Anything more than that is high.

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When Does It Happen?

When oxygen levels dip, hemoglobin levels raise. Also, some health conditions like COPD and congenital heart disease could deprive the oxygen levels and cause high hemoglobin levels.


What Else Can Raise Hemoglobin Levels?

Living in areas where there is insufficient oxygen in the air (mountains) and habits like smoking worsen the problem. Even dehydration could cause it.


How To Know That Your Hemoglobin Is Too Much?

If you skin looks too red and your face and hands show signs of flushing, it is a sign to identify the problem.

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Other Symptoms

Feeling dizzy, fatigued, headache, poor vision, nose bleeding and mild pain in the abdominal region could all be signs that your hemoglobin levels are raising.

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