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Health Benefits Of Ashoka Tree

Ashoka tree is commonly seen in India. It is an evergreen tree. In India and Nepal, this tree is considered sacred.

The tree also has medicinal properties. In India, the bark, flowers and even the stems are first dried and then used for certain medical applications.

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In fact, the extract of this tree is also available in the form of capsules and tonics. Here are some of its health benefits.


Internal Bleeding

The extract of Ashoka flowers is used to treat hemorrhages and internal bleeding. Crush the flowers of Ashoka and mix it with water and drink a teaspoon of that water to treat internal bleeding.


Pain Relief

The bark of Ashoka tree contains pain killing properties. A paste made out of its bark is generally applied on the joints to relieve joint pains.

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Ashoka Flowers are dried and then boiled in water. That water is consumed by diabetics to keep the blood sugar levels under control.



The bark of Ashoka tree contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. If there are any skin infections, you can rub the bark extract on your skin.

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Eating the leaves of the tree also helps in clearing stomach worms. It can also reduce pain and bloating in the stomach.



If you are suffering from diarrhea, boil the leaves and bark in water and drink the water. It will cure diarrhea and also purifies your blood.

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Gynecological Problems

Ashoka is a also used as a remedy to treat irregular menstrual cycles, menstrual disorders, abdominal pain and fibroids and cysts.

Story first published: Monday, July 10, 2017, 11:08 [IST]
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