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Japanese Water Therapy: Believe It Or Not, You Just Need Water To Try This Remedy!


Some of us have the habit of drinking water soon after waking up. Well, even this simple practice, when done methodically and consistently helps in combating many health disorders, according to Japanese.

The objective of water therapy is to use water to balance and regulate health. Don't try water therapy if you already have serious health conditions or kidney issues. Talk to your family doctor before trying it.

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Also, avoid this therapy if you are on regular medication for any health issue. Those who have the habit of frequently passing urine should also stay away from this remedy.


What Is Water Treatment?

Water therapy is the practice of drinking a specific quantity of water on empty stomach and following certain dietary rules in order to enhance health and combat disorders.


What Health Problems Can It Heal?

Water treatment can work well for body pains, headaches, asthma, bronchitis, epilepsy, irregular heart beat, TB, kidney issues, urinary tract issues, gastritis, vomiting, diabetes, piles, constipation, uterus disorders, ear and nose disorders, menstrual issues and even eye disorders.

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How To Start Water Therapy?

Soon after waking up, drink 640 ml of water. Don't eat anything for 45 minutes. Eat breakfast. And don't eat anything for the next 2 hours. Have lunch and don't eat anything for 2 hours post lunch. The same rule applies to dinner too.


How Does It Help?

This method is said to heal gastritis in ten days, control diabetes in a month, reduce blood pressure in 40 days, cure constipation in 10 days and reduce symptoms of TB in 3 months! This practice improves the bodily functions and makes you feel energetic.

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How Long Should You Practice It?

It is better to make it a daily habit and follow it consistently.


Is This Reliable?

Ancient Japanese healing methods have been around since long. They have become popular as they are simple, effective and affordable. Also, water therapy costs you nothing and has no side effects at all. Therefore, this remedy is worth a try.


On Empty Stomach...

Firstly, when you drink water on empty stomach, your colon gets cleaned and this will help your body absorb nutrients.

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Another Benefit

Drinking water in the morning also harmonises your lymphatic system and helps your body defend itself against infections.


Why Does Your Body Need Water?

Water helps your body produce saliva, helps in moisturising your mucous membranes, helps in maintaining ideal body temperature, helps in elimination of wastes and even keeps your joints lubricated.


What Else Does Water Do?

Even your brain needs water to produce neurotransmitters and hormones. Your body needs water to supply oxygen to all areas of the body.

Every cell of your body needs water to grow, survive and reproduce. In fact, even your digestive system needs water to transform food into useful substances that aid survival.

As water has so many roles to play, ancient Japanese treated water more like a medicine than like a liquid that just quenches thirst.

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