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Getting Married? Here Are 5 Wedding Hashtags You Can Use On Social Media

Weddings are worth remembering because they are knitted with beautiful moments of the couple, their families and loved ones. They plan so much for their wedding day, right from their attires, food items, venues to posing for the photographers. Couples and their family members make sure that they leave no stone unturned to make the wedding special.

Earlier getting mobile network was itself an issue, so forget about social media platforms. But, today we have become very particular about which photographs should be posted on which social media handle and what kind of hashtags will increase its visibility. But now in the world of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, people are now more focused on getting likes and less focused on their relationships.

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But there is no denying amid all, the wedding hashtags are gaining momentum and it looks like couples attach a lot of significance to it.

Brainstorming for coming up with a perfect hashtag for your wedding photographs can be a bit tricky. You may run out of ideas but fret no more as we have curated and created some of the amazing wedding hashtag ideas for you.

1. Team Up Your Names

When it comes to the wedding, it is said that couples have an equal share in each of their belongings. You can do the same for your wedding hashtags as well. You can create adorable hashtags for yourself by using your name and your spouse's name. Also, you can use the initials or surname to create a quirky hashtag.

You have surely heard about the celebrity couples Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma have a hashtag which goes #Virushka, Deepika and Ranveer for whom fans use #Deepveer. You can always bring such personalised hashtags for yourself too.

2. Keep It Simple

You can also go for hashtags which are traditional and are quite popular. These hashtags are simple and classic. Also, these hashtags can be a symbol to let your partner know how much you love them. When you choose these hashtags, you do not have to spend time figuring out a perfect hashtag for your wedding photographs. For example, you can use #JustHitced, #JustMarried or #HappilyEverAfter and much more.

3. Let It Be Witty

If either of you is fun-loving and you both are always high on humour, then you can have some funny hashtags. You can use terms that can define your wedding or something that you both can relate to. For example, couples who love calling each other with funny names can use #honeybunny or #WhenMonkeyWedsFunky.

4. Play the Game Of Alliteration

Alliteration can be really a great thing if you are looking for ideas to create a perfect wedding hashtag. You can play the game of alliteration by using words whose initials are similar. Such as #MeAndMine. In this hashtag, the letter 'M' comes twice and sounds cool. You can also use rhyming words as well, such as #TogetherForever.

5. Give It A Desi Touch

India is widely known for its culture and tradition and the big fat weddings. So why not give your personalised wedding hashtags a desi touch? All you need to do is just take couple of your favourite words and use them in your hashtags.

For example, your name is Raj then you can write #RajKiShadi or #DulheRaja or #Dulhaniya. Or you can also use team up your name in a desi style such as #RajaKiRani or #RajKiDulhaniya. These words are quite traditional yet classic and trendy.

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In addition to these, you can also use puns for your hashtags. Whatever hashtags you use, we hope your marriage turns out to be the best moment of your life and you live happily ever after.