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11 Qualities Women Look For While Choosing Their Future Husband. Men, Grab A Pen And Paper!

No one is perfect and we all have a set of good and bad qualities. But, when it comes to choosing our partners for marriage, we look for all the best qualities.

Talking about women, marriage is so much more than social security for them and therefore, choosing husbands can never be a cakewalk. Both men and women knit a virtual image of the qualities of their better halves will posses. Like men, women too look for some qualities while choosing their future husband. This helps them to understand if the man they are going marry, is suitable or not?

What are those qualities?

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So ladies, grab a pen and paper and note down some important points before choosing your future husband.

1. Honesty

Honesty is the base of every relationship and therefore, staying true to your partner is very important. While choosing their future husband, women look for a partner who is open and honest so that she can trust and rely on him.

2. Commitment

Women don't like men who are commitment-phobic, especially if they are looking forward to getting married. Not only in terms of relationship but also when it comes to making decisions related to career, and family responsibilities. They also look if their would-be husband is punctual and keeps his promises.

As a man, you must think that your wife would be spending her entire life with you and therefore, you must have a sense of commitment in you.

3. Loving And Caring

Everyone likes to feel loved irrespective of their gender and therefore, all women look for men who can accept their flaws and still love and adore them.

But love doesn't mean that women need physical love and compliments every single day.

Love is when men show care and respect towards their partner. This makes women feel proud of their choices.

4. Financial Stability

Most of the men ask, 'why do women look for money while getting married?' The answer to this question is, women look for men who can fulfil the financial needs of the family.

If a couple is going through a financial crisis every time and has no steady income, this will surely shake the roots of the relationship in the long run. Women prefer to stay financially secure in their married life.

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5. Ambitious

There are certain people who are not ambitious and at times are aimless as well. Women like their partners to have a fixed goal and not wander like an aimless person.

Women do not like men who are lazy. Instead, they like men who are self-motivated and are passionate about their dreams. Even the women who are homemakers, they also , want their husbands to achieve their career goals.

6. Confidence

Women love men who are confident, as it gives them a clear message that her partner is not insecure about himself. A person who is constantly suffering from an inferiority complex can be tough to handle in the long run. Also, women want their husbands to give them better and smart advice at times.

7. Compatibility

Since women leave their parents' house to stay with their husbands after getting married, they want their future husbands to be understanding and compassionate, if nothing else. A stubborn husband might turn off a woman. A woman will definitely ignore a man who doesn't want to change his bad habits or willing to compromise at times.

8. Encouraging

Women love men who encourage and support them in important decisions. Women prefer men who bring the best out of them and they want their husbands to teach them something new every time and help them to achieve career goals.

9. Humor

Without humor, life can be boring. Women love men who can make them laugh out loud. But that doesn't mean men should act as a joker all the time. A moment of cracking some funny jokes and making them smile even in a gloomy situation will definitely win women's heart.

10. Family Oriented

A woman would always want her husband to take care of her family and treat her parents as his own. She would never marry a man who will pr might disrespect her parents. Also, a woman wants her man to take care of his own family as well. She wants her husband to fulfil every need of the family and look after them in tough times as well.

11. Sexual Satisfaction

Like men, women also love good sex and therefore satisfying them physically is also important, when it comes to marriage. Only having intercourse can drive women away and therefore, men should learn to make their partner feel emotionally comfortable as well.

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If a man is looking for a long term relationship or a marriage, then these qualities are a must. Did we forget to add 'sweet compliments' in the list? Well, women love it!

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