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Does Height Really Matter? Real-Life Stories Of Couples With Tall Women And Short Men

When it comes to couples, we often see men are taller than women. Over the years, we have picturised and accepted that for being a couple, the man needs to be taller than the woman. But if the woman is taller than the man, people consider the couple to be a mismatch.

But to love someone you don't have to own a perfect physique. All you need is a beautiful soul. Doesn't matter if you are short or tall, to love someone you need to have the same feelings. To prove the point, we took the views of two real-life couples.

Their response inspired us and made us believe that love can exist between two people irrespective of their height.

Purwa (38) and Mahendra (45) from Bihar are happily married for 19 years. Purwa is 3 inches taller than Mahendra. Purwa said to Boldsky, "Height never became a factor behind any conflict in our marriage. We have been there for each other from the moment we were married to each other. My husband is glad that I can reach the top shelf and he is spared from cleaning the ceiling fan."

Another couple is Vagish (48) and Smita (41), also from Bihar. They are happily married for 21 years. Smita who is 4 inches taller than her husband Vagish says, "I never knew height could also be a factor behind long-lasting love. We hardly notice each other's height because our emotional need never requires our height."

"Before getting married my parents didn't care about his height and said that 'the groom is gentle and kind'. That's how I got him as my husband," she added further.

Upon asked if people look at their pair with amusement, Smita told Boldsky, "Let people watch. If height decided love, then couples with men taller than women would have no fights."

Vagish says, "I don't care about myself being short. I am happy that we care and love each other."

Both couples hardly care if people make fun of their height differences. They are actually proud of the way they are. According to them, love requires honesty, compromise, adjustment, care and patience and couples should look for these traits rather than physical appearance.

The name and other identifying details of the individuals have been changed to ensure privacy.

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