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Things You Need To Take Care Of When Your Wife Is On Her Period.

In the previous article, I had mentioned all about the ways in order to keep your woman happy while she is on her period.

Menstruation has kept women on their nerves since ages.

Women go through this painful process in every 28 days.

You can ease her pain and her troubles by many ways.

This article will concentrate on how to keep her healthy and happy while she is on her period.

This way, you can make it easier for yourself to handle her.

Period cramps, for most women, are generally the worst within the first day or two of their periods.

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Things You Need To Take Care Of When Your Wife Is On Her Period.

1. Give her a massage

Women in their period get cramps. These cramps are very painful and the best way to ease the pain is by giving them a massage.

There are certain parts of her body where you should concentrate the massage too. First are the foot and the ankle parts. Then, her calf muscles and thighs.

If your woman is having stomach cramps, then give her a back massage followed by hip and lower abdomen massage. This would give her an instant release from her pain and would make her feel relaxed.

Also, ask her where else she wants to have a massage. If you can give her an aromatic massage with essential oils, you are the best partner in the world and there is nothing more she would ever want than you.

What To Do When Your Wife Is Going Through Her Period?

2. Give her the space she wants and craves

When women are on their periods, they get frustrated easily and that is one reason why they make so much of chaos. So when you give her the space she wants, she stays calm and does whatever she feels like and that is when there is no more argument.

Women during periods want their partner to just leave them alone. All you need to do is respect their wish.

3. Remember to keep her hydrated

One thing you need to keep doing is to remind your S.O. to keep drinking water at regular intervals. If you are away, remind her and if you are with her, then just fetch her the water bottle.

When your S.O. drinks a lot of water and is hydrated enough, she will be more relaxed, as the severity of pain reduces drastically with the intake of water.

4. Distract her away from her pain

Be ready with her favourite movie or TV show. This works a lot most of the time, as they get indulged in their show or movie that they tend to worry less about their cramps and mood swings.

What To Do When Your Wife Is Going Through Her Period?

5. Don't talk about blood or pain or mood swings

Be sound with your voice and never mention anything about blood, pain or mood swings. It just triggers a woman's mind. You do not want the wrath of mood swings, do you? Be gentle towards her in your approach and make things look as normal as it should be. Make her feel that she is in her normal habitat and that it's just another day in her life.

6. Avoid talking anything that would irritate her in any way

Do not speak about things that you feel will irritate her even for a single moment. She might be very rational and a fun-loving person when she is not in her period. But when she is, you better not irritate her. Give answers to her questions with care and affection. Tender to her needs, if she has any.

7. Do physical exercises with her

This makes the pain go away. It might sound a painful thing to do for her, but even a walk in the night will do wonders for her. Get her to do something that requires physical work and she will start feeling her cramps lessen.

8. Engage in sexual activity

When you see your partner going through severe pain and mood swings, ask her if she wants to have sexual intimacy. If she wants, then engage in a sexual intercourse. If you can, add a twist to it with having sex under the shower, it will surely make her feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

These are the final points that you need to take care of when you know your partner is having periods.

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