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What All You Need To Do When Your Wife Is Going Through Her Period?

This article is divided into two parts. First, one being this and the second will come in the links given below the article.

Wondering about the mood swings, the cramps, emotional breakdowns and the unresolved queries that your wife puts you through every month? Well, you need to know, it is absolutely natural for all these to happen. In every 28 days' time, a woman's uterus revolts against her from inside the body. The pain at times become unbearable and it is not her fault.

Do not go all rude over her. It is better to plan on tackling with it in a better way.

This article will definitely guide you about the ways you can handle your wife or your girlfriend while she is on her periods.

Feeling like knocking on heaven's door? Continue reading then.

Woman and phases of the moon have always been in a relationship. And their mood depends on the phase of the moon, it is said.

There are like a thousand reasons why a woman's mood changes over time with the onset of her period and it is found that all these are related to the hormonal imbalance that keeps happening during her periods.

If you are thinking they enjoy troubling you then you are wrong, my friend.

A woman's period is surely not her most charming part of the month. She might be the calmest and composed person; but when it is time for her period, she is impatient and restless with a lot of thoughts rushing in, cramps folding and unfolding, etc.

I agree with the numerous arguments and the unpleasant issues that come up between you and your woman due to her sensitivity and mood swings during her period.

Well, there are certain ways in which you can ease her and make her feel better and, at the same time, let your mind's troubles be less.

Every man needs to know how to treat a woman in her periods.

What All You Need To Do When Your Wife Is Going Through Her Period?

1. Keep a track of her cycle

As a partner, you should be taking care of her while she is in her periods. Keeping a track of her period makes her feel safer by your side. If you feel you are in need of a calendar to keep track, then go ahead and cross the dates.

Every woman wants her man to make her feel everything is as normal as it should be.

Keeping a track of your lady's periods makes you not just an alpha husband but a sincere one as well.

You become certain of the time of her period and it makes you super ready before her period hits. You are well prepared for her mood swings and cramps as well.

2. Help her out in her work

Be it household or office work, if you help her out, it becomes easy for her to relax and, at the same time, feel loved by seeing you doing her work. You make her feel blessed to have you. Women in periods when relaxed feel much better, as the cramps and pain ease down compared to them working during their periods.

As a partner, if you help her out here, it becomes merrier for her to feel the comfort of being with you.

Prepare the food, make breakfast, do the laundry and clean the dishes. Help her out in ways you can.

3. Be patient with her

She might be irrational in whatever she does and it might make you feel irritated. But you need to relax. This is not her doing but all the hormones that are toppling up and down inside her. You need to understand this fact that these will all stay for two days or three at the maximum.

All she needs now is your patience and when you feed her with it, she feels adored. She knows you are a keeper.

4. Give her surprises

It is an easy way to handle your wife while she is on her period. All you need to do is feed her with surprises.

Remember if you get a big surprise or a small one, it values for the same amount of time.

So, don't plan on surprising her with expensive gifts. It matters less.

Give her surprises such as her favorite food, chocolates, chips, ice-cream and certain things like a keychain, a wind charm, a dream catcher, etc.

You will know better about what your partner likes and you would do the same accordingly.

5. Be attentive towards her

When you start paying attention to her minute details and keep giving her your company, and affection, it becomes a great deal for them and they appreciate it to the core. You may find your wife or girlfriend oversensitive while she's on her period, that's why you may have to be extra sweet and romantic with her.

Pamper her with lots of hugs, kisses and also some sweet talk. It not just lightens her mood but it makes her very happy to see you giving your best in order to keep her sane in her hard times.

This article is continued in the next article. There are certainly more points to add in order to make you a better husband in the eyes of your wife. Go through the next article as well to learn the skills of making it to the best of the best husband for your wife.

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