Reasons Why Women Change After Marriage

By Soham

Do women change after marriage? Yes, they do. It is always told that men change the most but it is also true that women change a lot too.

Change is nature's only constant and we cannot stop this. The reason behind these change can be noted but why the change happens cannot be said.

reasons why women change after marriage

In every relationship, men and women change. Mostly for a positive outcome and at times negatives do come into the picture.

Marriage can be a pivotal experience and the nature of the changes seen in a woman largely depends on who they are married to.

Women are individuals, just as men. Individuals can change at any time. But there are certain facts that make women change after marriage. Let's read through.

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Reasons Why Women Change After Marriage:

Women Start Compromising:-

After marriage, a lot of responsibilities come into the picture. Women tend to adjust a lot in order to curb down any loss of feeling in their marriage. Women consider that compromising helps to fit into the blend of relationship they share with their husbands.

Compromising and adjusting becomes a part and parcel of their life. Before marriage, they didn't have to compromise or adjust in any factor. But marriage brings this change in them.

Responsibility Increases:-

After marriage, the responsibility of women increases. They get to deal with a lot of things which earlier they didn't. They get to take care of a family at first. This is the biggest change.

Change of families affects women. Earlier they were the daughter of a family where they live a life of their own without having any possible responsibility.

But after marriage it changes. They become more responsible as the responsibility of a family depends on their hands. Women become the pillar of the family. They cater to everyone's need and wants. Thus responsibility becomes the biggest change in women's life after marriage.


Marriage brings tension to the table. Earlier it was only you and your troubles to overcome. Now it becomes, you, your husband, his family, your paternal family and your own life.

This often leads to frustration even when you don't want it. The responsibilities become a difficult part of your life and it creates frustration. You don't get time to manage everything and it kills you inside for not having your own peace of mind.

You start feeling marriage is a burden and nothing else. It makes you feel worse and frustration increases three fold.

To prevent unwanted hassles in the marriage it is advised always that women should take the responsibilities with ease and also let their husbands share some of them. This helps in having a better relationship.

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The pressure of being a good wife, good daughter-in-law, a good mother, a good daughter, etc., eats you from within. Women tend to freak out under pressure and this isn't good for the marriage.

Women feel pressurized under such circumstances. The pressure makes you unstable.


You become more conscious after marriage. In-laws become your main trauma. The burden of being good with the in-laws changes you from a carefree person to a more careful and conscious person.

The reason becomes evident to all. The constant thought of "did I do it right?" makes you conscious.

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Anxiety kicks in and makes you more vulnerable to change. You become more anxious about your deeds and you start to search constantly a way to hide your anxiety. Anxiety rules in as a change in your behaviour and mind. The level of anxiety in a woman increases after marriage.

Lack Of Romance:-

Women find it difficult to romance after having a lot of pressure and responsibility. They tend to forget about their personal life with their husband.

Women after marriage hardly find any interest in sex and the fire that increases the spice in their married life is no more visible.

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These are the certain changes you'd see in a woman after marriage, as noted in a lot of studies.

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    Story first published: Friday, March 30, 2018, 13:03 [IST]
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