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    Why do we see marriages falling apart?

    By Soham Senapati   

    Maintaining a marriage is difficult and not all marriages end on a good note, "a forever". Some "fall off the cliff". The reasons behind a marriage hitting rock bottom are many.

    Marriages take a lot of time to build-up the bond between a couple. The minute one stops giving efforts, marriage starts to degrade.

    Why marriage end

    It doesn't matter on what any marriage is built whether respect, teamwork, love or lust. There is always a chance that things will change, and saving it will be a lot harder than taking up quiz involving relationship, reading about relationships, seeking advice, etc.

    Let's go through the various reasons on why a marriage can hit rock bottom.

    1. Abusive Partners:-

    Partners becoming abusive towards each other doesn't help the relationship. It deteriorates the sanctity of marriage. Abusive partners make each other's life a mess. This at times results in going for counselling sessions. Couples need to understand and try to not be abusive with their partners if they want their marriage to be a success.

    Why marriage end

    2. Infidelity:-

    Lust, when involved in a marriage, takes you or your partner into the dark roads of cheating or adultery. Infidelity often causes the marriage to hit rock bottom.
    Sexual relationship with someone else when married is not approved by your spouse and the marriage tears apart, as he/she cannot take the betrayal.

    3. Money Matters:-

    Money is a key to have a good social and personal life, catering to the basic needs of every individual and relationship for that matter. When financial crisis anhilates your personal life, marriage tends to hit rock bottom.
    Marriages fail apart due to crisis of finance at home. Never let your financial statement go below such a level that it creates distances in your married life.

    Why marriage end

    4. Inequalities Between The Two Of You:-

    Never make your partner feel that he/she is any different than you. This is because it causes a psychological statement in every individual that I am not equal to him/her. If you consider your marriage to go as smooth as it should, never let inequalities try its way into your life.
    It hampers the discussion, personal space and even your love for each other. Treat your partner equal to you, as marriage is a 50-50 partnership and not about having a 100-0 partnership.

    5. Incompatibility:-

    This is mostly seen in the case of arranged marriages. Partners at start become extremely fond of each other just to find out that they have no similarities and this leads to baseless thoughts pouring in.
    Thus, two people married become incompatible with each other. Incompatibility happens when neither of the spouse compromises somewhere or the other.

    6. Ego & Arguments:-

    This is a part and parcel in relationship and marraige. Every individual has his/her own ego that helps him/her grow in life. But putting it on to the dinner table and arguing based on proving own points, on various things just to show "my ego is more", leads to conflicts and thus the termination of marriage happens.
    Stop showing ego where it is not necessary and start having a healthy conversation. It often leads to unhealthy arguments, which are necessary evil in married life.

    Why marriage end

    7. Lack Of Communication:-

    We all have heard, having conversation is the human's way to socialize. Yes, I want you to do the same. Talk, converse, discuss, about all the factors that you both want to. Don't keep your thoughts to yourself.
    If you liked something about your spouse, say it. If you didn't like what he/she did somewhere or the other, then bring it to the person, tell him/her about it. Communicate as much as you can. If there comes a gap, it lasts long and then creates a bubble that someday will explode and will let the marriage hit rock bottom.

    8. Personal Space Or Freedom:-

    Let your partner have his/her personal space. It is a general requirement of humans, even if they are in due relationships or marriage. Give your spouse the freedom to think and act on his/her own way and let them have their own agenda.
    This helps in having a healthy relationship between the two of you. Giving each other personal space and freedom is very nourishing for a marriage. If failed in doing so, it often leads to disturbances, thus letting the marriage hit rock bottom.

    So,practice these methods in your marriage to not let it hit rock bottom.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 15:00 [IST]
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