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What Are The Perennial Problems In A Marriage?

By Soham Senapati   

It is problems, if that's what you are thinking. We wish marriages were just like a swirl of cotton candy and the taste is always delicious. I wish the same too.

The secret of any marriage has always been a secret. Having said so, the reason behind the secret is the couple who are in it, and every couple is different,

although the problems that we face in a relationship are more alike.

I want you to remember, a life without fire and a relationship without problem doesn't exists.

So, let's dig in deeper into the problems and see what are they and the ways we can resolve it.

1. Desire:-

Loss of desire is regular in between couples and we know this is a big factor in marriage. Marriages fall apart when both the partners stop feeling the urge of having each other. They crave for it but stop showing it to their partner.

This is usually because of fights and differences.

To avoid such things from happening, talk and discuss your problems, so that you care and crave for your partner. Keep the romance strong and show your partner the desires of yours and what all you want with your partner.

2. Values & Beliefs:-

You fell in love and got married. Never thought of the values and beliefs of your partner.

You do something and if that disrupts the values of your partner, it causes a fuss and if it persists on a regular basis, you know you are into a big trouble in order to save your marriage.

Understanding is the way out of it. Try and learn the belief and values of your partner. Try not doing anything as such that would hurt you partner's sentiment.

3. Security:-

You look for a security in a marriage. Security about your future with your partner. It is a basic requirement in a marriage. Often, people commit to certain things but back out later.

Security helps in securing the trust of your partner and it is always a couple's work to lay trust on each other if your marriage has to last.

4. Faithfulness:-

As per recent studies, divorce has become a livelihood in marriage. People become unfaithful and end up with divorce papers in hand. This is not just and don't marry for the sake of fun. Marriages are pure and eternal for this lifetime. Becoming unfaithful doesn't help at all.

Faithfulness has become the new black for couples. They seek commitment and faithfulness more than financial stability.

Remember, you need to give your partner the faith that you and your partner are a tight bond and won't break.

5. Respect:-

Respect is given and never asked. In a marriage, it is respect that means the most. Every soul feels the urge to be respectful and in a marriage, the soul craves for respect from his/her partner. Marriage stands on 7 pillars and respect is one of them.

You can't love a person unless you don't have respect for them. And in order to sustain the marriage, one must love his/her partner and by this it means you should give the respect that your partner deserves.

These are the top most perennial reasons that cause problems in a relationship. If you are letting one of these go from your marriage, you need to know that there will be severe damages.

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Story first published: Monday, March 26, 2018, 14:44 [IST]
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