Why Married Men Flirt

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Most of us expect that marriage fulfills all desires. But for some, marriage isn't enough. And for some men, one relationship isn't enough.

Such men try to flirt with as many women as possible even after marriage. A bit of flirting is harmless. But if a married man crosses his limits in the name of harmless flirting, it is better to remind him that he's married.

But why do they flirt even after marriage? Let us discuss...

Why Married Men Flirt4

Some married men who are looking for fun outside marriage tend to try their luck by flirting with someone. If they are not stopped, they try to take a step further.

Why Married Men Flirt3

Some men get a high whenever they flirt with someone. They try to enjoy that high all the time forgetting the fact that they are already married.

Why Married Men Flirt2

Some men feel young and attractive when they flirt with someone. This makes them continue the habit even after marriage and even at an older age. Such men may come across as creeps to others.

Why Married Men Flirt1

Some men who flirt in front of their partners do it to make their partners feel jealous. They want to keep their partners insecure by doing so.

Why Married Men Flirt6

For some men, flirting is an intellectual activity. They see it as harmless as it doesn't involve getting naked or having physical intimacy. So, they think they can flirt even after marriage.

Why Married Men Flirt7

Some men suffer with some serious psychological issues. They have low self-esteem, insecurity issues and many other unresolved issues inside. They start behaving erratically even after marriage. They actually need counseling as their flirting could irritate any woman.

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