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Foolish Things Husbands Do

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Marriage will teach you a lot of lessons. Especially, after marriage, you can't afford to do certain foolish things that will annoy your wife.

Foolish Things Husbands Do

Being a good husband is more about trying to understand your wife and ensuring that her stay with you is comfortable. But that doesn't mean you have to turn into a henpecked husband. But at least, avoiding certain foolish things might help.

If you are wondering what those foolish things are, here are they....

Foolish Things Husbands Do2

Comparing Wife With Mom
If you like your mom's food, enjoy it. If your like your mom's qualities, there is nothing wrong in it. But if you compare your wife with your mom and ask her to learn something, she will be furious and you shall repent.

Foolish Things Husbands Do3

Passing Orders
Its foolish to think that you can pass orders like a king and your wife will obey your commands. She will surely make you repent if you try such things.

Foolish Things Husbands Do4

Suddenly Bringing Home Friends
Without informing her, bring home your boys gang for lunch and see what happens. This is one foolish thing that will annoy your wife.

Foolish Things Husbands Do5

Criticising Wife's Parents
Even in your dreams, never blatantly criticise your wife's parents. She will never forgive you for a lifetime!

Foolish Things Husbands Do6

Talking About Ex
Men love to brag about their past affairs. But that would be foolish after marriage. Your wife may feel upset and frustrated if you talk about your ex at the drop of the hat.

Foolish Things Husbands Do7

Taking One-Sided Decisions
If you do anything without consulting your wife and taking her opinion, just wait and watch. If anything goes wrong, she will eat your head for your whole life.

Foolish Things Husbands Do8

Fueling Fights Between Mom And Wife
Even if you fail to control the fights between your mom and wife, it is okay but don't start a fight between both of them; that is the most foolish thing to do as it might turn into a world war!

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Story first published: Friday, November 18, 2016, 16:58 [IST]
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