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How To Spot A Happy Couple?

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You can seldom see a happy couple who are completely at peace with each other. When it a happy married couple we are looking for, then the probability of finding one is nearly extinct! However, if you see a couple who seem to be happily married then you must not miss it. Some typical signs tell you that a couple is happy and in absolute marital bliss.

Here are some of the signs that will help you determine if a couple is happily married or not.

Spotting A Happy Couple..

Happy Couple

Totally At Peace: The most potent sign of marital bliss is a feeling of security. When a couple is totally at peace with each other, the comfort level is almost visible. They will not be looking over each others' shoulder to see who is checking out their spouse. They have come past the stage of jealously and possessiveness. Now they are just comfortable with each other.

Comfortable Silences: A couple that is happily married are comfortable being silent around each other. You will not find them always searching for words. They can be sitting next to each other for hours without saying a word but still happily holding hands.

Doing Things Together: A happy couple always does things together. They will enroll for salsa classes together, go for movies together and even do something as regular as grocery shopping together. This shows that they like each others' company and want to spend as much time as possible with each other.

Pick Me Up: If a husband waits for his wife near her office for an hour to pick her up and yet forgets his irritation at the delay as soon as he sees her, then the couple is truely happy. In the same way, if a wife travels for 20 kilometres out of her way just to catch a quick lunch with her husband, then they are totally in love.

Compatibility or No Compatibility: It is not necessary that a couple has to have the same mind about everything. For example, if a couple share their hobbies, like, dislikes and instincts then they would become clones of each other. Life is so boring that way. But the trick to being happily married is, accepting the differences and finding your own compatibility. If he likes golf, let him play golf. Be there to cheer him on the grounds and he will join your book club just to make you happy.

It is not easy to be a happy couple but when you see one, try to learn from them instead of going green with envy.

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