7 Signs To Know You Are Happily Married

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Happily Married
'Happily Married' is not really a relationship status; it is a state of being. But how do you know that your marriage is working out perfectly? It sounds like attaining 'nirvana', a state that eludes us when we think we have achieved it. There are some signs that show if a married couple is happy or just pretending to be happy. They are not very obvious but keen if you have an keen eye, just as plain as night and day.

If your marriage still has these 'happily married' signs, then you are definitely in marital bliss.

7 Signs To Know You Are Happily Married:

1. No Missed Calls: If a couple can stay comfortably without calling each other constantly, then it means that they are in a secured relationship. Only those couples who have problems of insecurity and distrust call each other continuously, interfering in their partners spaces.

2. Eating Together: No matter how busy a couple is, if they can still find time to eat together, then they are happily married. Breakfast in bed and dinner table conversations are a recipe to a long and enduring life of marital bliss.

3. Comfortable Silences: Do you and your spouse have comfortable silences? As in, none of you two talk but you are comfortable in each others silence. It is another sign of security for a married couple. Talking to cover up silences is a sign of insecurity and anxiety.

4. Own Set Of Friends: Until and unless you both have your own set of friends, independent of each other, you cannot grow as a couple. Every couple needs time away from each other. This 'alone time' is provided by their individual friends. It is to make sure that you do not grow on each other.

5. Shared Time:
Just because you have your own friends, does not mean that you will ignore your spouse. The day you are able to turn down a friend's party to be with your spouse because he/she is feeling low, you can say that you have a great marriage.

6. Dare To Speak Truth: If you dare to tell your wife that her new dress is horrible without fear of retribution, then you are a perfect married couple. The same goes for your wife. She too needs to be able to criticize your pay package without apprehensions.

7. You Still Fight To Death: Inspite of all these signs of compatibility, if you still have healthy fights where you squabble like children, then your married life is truly complete. Couples who do not fight hide things from each other. Those who fight, let it out.

If you know any other signs of being happily married, then do share it with us.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 18:17 [IST]
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