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Things You Should Not Do When Angry

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Anger can be said to be one of the most harmful human emotions. There are many things that we do when we get angry. There are no justifications for such act as they tend to hurt our dear ones a lot. Anger is very bad for your health too. It adversely affects the blood pressure levels and a multiple other things. Check out the things you should never do when in anger.

Use Bad Language- Many of us use bad language when we become angry. It is for those moments that we tend to lose control over ourselves. But you should always try to check yourself when this is the case with any one of your family members, especially your loved ones. They feel insulted and ridiculed this way. Never hurt your loved ones, no matter what the circumstance is.

Destructive Anger

Spoil Things- Anger is bad both for you and those around you. Many people who are victims of destructive anger tend to spoil things around them. For example if you had a tiff with your partner about something then there is no need to break or tear things down just for the purpose of showing off. Anger is harmful as it shows your ego that can bring a drift in your relationship. So, never spoil things as it shows the negative trait in your character.

Insult Each Others' Family- Your anger will prove bad in case you say anything bad or abusive about each other's family members. Everyone loves their family and hence, you should never hurt others' emotion. Your partner might feel that you are non-compromising and unwilling to understand his/her situation. Even if the quarrel has cropped up due to either one of your family members, it is always better not to press the matter. Anger might affect your health and you might fall sick

Hurt Yourself- This is one of the worst things to do in anger. Hurting yourself is even worse than hurting others. Anger proves to be too bad for your own self in these cases. Some people have self destructive traits. They tend to cut their hands bang their head against the wall to show anger. You should never do it as it will not only hurt you but it will hurt people who love you. Your partner would be hurt and can never forgive himself/herself when they come to know that you have hurt yourself.

Hurt Others- Apart from hurting oneself, many are also in the habit of hurting the ones close to them. Whenever you have a fight with your partner you must never raise your hand on him/ her under any circumstance. This may bring a huge drift in the lovely relationship that you share. Anger is very bad in such situations and instead of showing it off you should try to calm down the other.

These are the several ways in which anger can be bad. Never do the above things as it might adversely affect the sacred bond that you share with your partner.

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