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Why Couples Fight More On Weekends?

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There seems to be a strong wave of belief among married couples that there fights increase considerably when the weekend approaches. While the exact statistics of this assumption is not known, it seems like a really probable hypothesis. If you are married, then you would possibly identify the situation pretty well.

Weekend is a time for couples to go out and have fun. Instead, couples seem to be fighting and bickering throughout the weekend. This is a very disturbing revelation that needs to be scrutinised a little further.

Why Do Couples Fight On Weekends?

We Meet Only on Weekends: Do not be surprised! There is this new concept of 'weekend couple' that is a rising trend in metro cities. Sometimes couples have to stay apart because they work in different cities or travel for work. So, a husband and wife meet only during the weekends. And unfortunately because of all the frustration at work and living without the partner they spend most of their time quarreling.

Issues Pile Up: A married couple where both the partners work have no time to discuss their issues during the week. They do not want to start a fight that will keep them awake till late in the night and thus they keep piling up the marriage problems they are having. Finally, when they have time in the weekend, they fight to sort out things.

Living Weekend To Weekend:
Most working married couples these days have a 'weekend to weekend' life. They work like machines 5 days in a week and keep waiting for the weekend to do all the relaxing. But the weekends comes and goes too quickly to do anything! So they are totally stressed with the compulsion of making the most of their weekly break. This anxiety to 'do something nice' can make people really irritable. And even a minor issue on having different ideas on how to spend the weekend can lead to fights between couples.

The Travel Fights: Couples fight even when they have planned a weekend getaway. Traveling is a stressful affair these days. Especially on weekends, the airports are crowded, train tickets are not available and the roads are jam packed. Under such stressful conditions even minor mishaps like forgetting the camera can make you really angry. Most often, you tend to blame the entire thing on the easiest prey, your spouse. And the weekend trip turns into a fantastic reason for couples to fight.

Weekend is supposed to be a time to take a break from all that is happening around you; so take a splendid break from your frustrations and problems too. When you come back on Monday, the problems may not look so bad.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 28, 2012, 18:02 [IST]
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