Why To Forgive Cheating Partner?

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Cheating Spouse
Nobody wants to have a cheating partner. But what if you end up with one? What will you do? Will you forgive and forget or will you walk out of your marriage? That is a difficult and ethical question. If you be morally correct and walk away then that is different story but if you stay and forgive your spouse, then we would be interested to know why you did it.

There are many reasons to forgive your partner. Some might do it out of compulsion and some out of choice. Nobody admits to these reasons for forgiving their spouses.

Reasons to Forgive A Cheating Partner:

After All He Pays The Bills: A lot of women will tell you that they forgive their cheating husbands just because he is the bread winner of the family. While this may be true for some unfortunate women, it cannot be true for the modern working woman. When a woman is financially independent and still forgives her cheating husband, then she might probably want his credit card.

The Moral High Ground: Suppose your partner has been cheating and you have found out about it. Do you know what you can potentially do with such kind of explosive information? You can take the moral high ground for the rest of your life! He or she will be grateful and fearful of you for the rest of the life. From then on, you call the shots.

Never Say Never: Today you have caught him cheating on you, what if he catches you tomorrow doing the same? The more amount of fuss you make about his indiscretion now, the same amount will come back to you when you are caught. So it is better to forgive, forget and bury the hatchet. You can even use for generosity now to manipulate him or her later.

Perfect Excuse To Cheat Yourself: They say that revenge is the best and purest motivation of all. If you have caught your partner cheating on you, then this could be just the excuse you were waiting for to make your boring married life better. Now you can go ahead and cheat on him or her and call it 'revenge'.

Why Let The 'Other' Win: If you find about your partner's extra marital affair, raise hell and leave him/her, then who will benefit from it? Not you or your partner, but the third person with whom your partner has an affair. That person will probably replace you in your home and your partner's life. Why let that happen? You stay in your home with your spouse and drive the 'other' man or woman away! But for that you have to forgive and forget.

These are some unique reasons to forgive your cheating partner. Which one do you think is the most valid reason to forgive your spouse?

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