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7 Signs That Will Tell You Whether You Are Ready For A Relationship

All of us like to feel loved, the feeling of rejection or hate doesn't appeal to anyone. Due to this people think of getting in a romantic relationship with someone. But, before you get into a relationship with anyone else, it is highly important for you to know if you are ready for a relationship or not. Initially, things can seem good for you but then you might feel uncomfortable in the relationship. Even if you find a man or a woman of your dreams but if you are not prepared to be in a relationship, you won't be able to have a fruitful relationship.


So how would you know if you are really ready for a relationship? Put all your doubts to rest, as we have listed down some points that can help you.

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1. You Are Confident About What You Want

All of us have certain expectations from our partners and if you are well aware of what kind of person you deserve to be with then things can fall in the right place. You no more think about getting settled for a love that comes with conditions. You have learned to choose people in your life wisely. You also understand that you don't need a relationship, you look for a partner when you are emotionally prepared. You learn to accept the fact that being single is also fine and you don't need someone to make you feel complete.


2. You No More Miss Your Past Relationship(s)

If you want to know whether or not you are ready to have a relationship, you can check if you are still carrying the baggage of your past relationship(s). You can ask yourself questions like 'do I still miss my ex?' If not, then congratulations you are ready to have a new relationship!

But if you haven't been into any relationship and you are excited and looking forward to meeting someone new then it is a sign that you are ready to have a relationship.

3. You Are Absolutely Fine With How You Look

When it comes to your physical appearance, you don't pay heed to what others think and you are absolutely fine with what others think. It is ok to be concerned about how you look and care for your physical appearance. But if your scars, pimples or a darker skin tone, that doesn't stop you from stepping out in the public then you can take it as a positive sign for meeting new people.

Also, if you are over the criticism and mockery that you faced for your flaws and looks, then it is a sign that you are completely fine with your looks. For that reason what could be better than feeling confident in your own skin.

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4. You Put Others' Happiness Before Yours

If you are well aware of the fact that in order to make a relationship last long couples need to reciprocate each other's feelings, ensure that their partner feels comfortable and is happy, then you are ready for a relationship. For that reason, a relationship works well, when couples make genuine efforts to make each other happy.

For this, you can observe some signs such as if you are comfortable to connect your self with the friends and families of people you meet. Moreover, if you feel capable to make commitments for someone or not.

5. You Have Figured Out Why Past Relationship Didn't Work

There could be numerous reasons for which you broke up with your last partner such as if your partner was a gaslighter or both of you had lots of misunderstandings. Now you may have gained the maturity to avoid any kind of drama and look forward to focusing on productive things.

Also, if you have now figured out what made your past relationship go wrong and now look forward to avoiding repeating any such scenario then it means you are ready to get in a relationship.

6. You Are Comfortable To Accept People The Way They Are

You have accepted the fact that perfect human doesn't exist and therefore, it is foolishness to expect people to be perfect or change according to your will. You are no more interested in finding a perfect partner. Instead, you look forward to someone who cares for you and does things to make you happy. You now value mutual happiness, talk to you people with respect.

7. You Are A Happy Single

Even though you are looking for a meaningful relationship, you are absolutely fine being single. You don't crave for someone to come and make your life colourful, rather you do it yourself. There is no emptiness in your life.

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These signs will surely help you to understand whether you are ready for a relationship or not. We hope you live your life to its fullest and find a partner, who is right for you.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 17:01 [IST]
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