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    What Do Your Sleeping Positions Say About Your Relationship?

    We have always heard about behavioural patterns and habits, speaking about and giving insights into how we are and what we do in our daily life. These intend to characterise our daily life. But do you know there are other patterns that we should also look into?

    Did you ever notice your sleeping position and how it speaks about your relationship? Well, you should. It defines a lot about the relationship you are in or might get into.

    Relationships are a way of life and every human goes through them. There are a lot of ways to gather knowledge about the relationship you are in and how it will become eventually. One fine way to understand the depth of your relationship is by looking at your sleeping positions.

    You must be wondering about how your sleeping positions will generate the idea of your relationship. Let's go deeper into it and find the answers.

    sleeping positions

    What Are The Different Sleeping Positions And What Do They Say About Your Relationship?

    1. Liberty

    Liberty position is the position where a couple sleeps back to back without touching each other. People usually think that this position indicates a distance or a gap between the couple. While sleeping with your back towards your partner might seem cold and passionless, psychologists say about the same from a different angle.

    They say that couples who go to sleep with their backs facing each other, actually have an intimate, closely bound and a very loving relationship. There is a closeness between them, yet they are very independent by nature, which is healthy for the relationship.

    Couples who sleep in this position are very connected and secure. This sleeping position will be relatable to you and to most of the couples.

    2. Cherish

    In this position, the couple faces in opposite directions and their backs touch each other. It depicts the couple are comfortable much like the liberty position. But the only difference between liberty position and this is that the couples are touching their back. This position indicates the couple had a beautiful start in the relationship. It also shows that the couple is relaxed while they are together.

    This position reveals that the couple is ready and alert about each other's intimacy. It basically means that the couple enjoys the much-relaxed position with each other and has a lot of intimate moments together. This position is mostly seen in the new relationships and showcases the confidence of the couple in giving each other the space they require.

    3. Pillow Talk

    This sleeping position is more like the exact opposite of liberty position. The partners face each other as if trying to communicate silently, indicating that they do need to talk since they subconsciously manifest the desire. In the pillow talk position, the couple wishes to communicate with each other but fails to do so. Couples who sleep like this, lack intimacy and communication.

    4. Lover's Knot

    Lover's knot is every couple's dream sleeping position, where they are entwined in each other's arms and legs. It projects the level of intimacy and romance.

    This sleeping position shows the adjustment between intimacy and independence of the couple, allowing the couple to have the best of both worlds. Couples lock into each other for around 10 minutes and then let go of each other and sleep. This shows that the couple is there for each other always and that they seek space individually as well. This is an integral part of every healthy relationship.

    5. Spooning

    Spooning position is very common at the beginning of each and every relationship. It is the position where one spoons his/her partner. When the male spoons the female, it suggests that the male has his authority and needs to protect his better half. It is through showcasing the alpha male personality and providing security.

    This position is quite quotidian in the start but gradually changes after a while to something more comfortable for both the partners to relax and sleep. 12% of the couples use this kind of sleeping position. It is one of the traditional positions.

    6. The Romantic

    This position is seen mostly in the early relationships. This sleeping position represents vivid, vehement and enkindled love. This couple, the man and the woman sleep in this way because of the relaxation they get. Women in order to relax, put their head on the man's chest and the man wraps her with the arms.

    7. Superhero

    In this sleeping position, the guy normally sleeps with the pose of Superman. And the woman is quite content to choose between being the man's sidekick or his colleen-in-distress. 3% of the couples have that one partner who loves to sleep in the starfish position, while the other partner sleeps like hanging off the bed. It is always the superheroes that dominate the bed while the other is submissive to the domination.

    8. Miscellaneous

    It is a mixture and in these couples sleep in the way they like and that makes them comfortable at the same time. They don't normally follow any pattern.

    These are the 8 types of sleeping positions and these speak a lot about the way you and your partner behave and gel with each other.

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