Psychological Tricks To Woo Him On The First Date!

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If you know what appeals commonly to the human mind, you can make a lot of difference on your first date itself and make the man yearn for a second date with you!

Of course, blindly following some tricks might not help but when you genuinely want him to like you in the first meeting, then these tricks might surely do a lot for you.

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So, a genuine desire in your heart is the first requirement. And then read the following tips and try to implement just a few and see the difference!


Tip #1

When you go on a first date, during a conversation, start looking into his eyes and notice its colour. While doing that, keep smiling. He will respond to you in a better way!


Tip #2

If you feel nervous before a date, start chewing a gum. It subconsciously sends a signal to your brain to be casual about it and it also covers up your nervousness and makes him think you are normal.

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Tip #3

While having your lunch with him, suddenly ask him to do a small favour. For example "Could you please pass on the salt please.." or "Could you please pour some water in my glass;, the jug is too heavy for me". Doing a task together or doing a task for someone, can create a bond, however small the task is. So, when he starts doing something for you, his brain starts getting tuned to your company!


Tip #4

If you are feeling anxious before going on a first date and wondering how your man will judge you, try this. Relax, sit in a place, close your eyes and tell yourself these lines. "I know this guy since long, he is crazy for me, he likes me, he never judges me, he respects me and he loves to be with me.." Saying such lines in a relaxed state of mind might minimise your anxiety and subconsciously make you more confident. And when you're confident, things might go well!


Tip #5

A fact: Research says that people will remember only the kind of emotions you make them feel after a meeting; they don't remember the exact words. So, what you speak isn't important but how you make him feel is more important. Focus on making him feel good! He'll remember you.


Tip #6

After five minutes of the first conversation, start referring him by his name. He likes it when you remember his name. And whenever you utter his name, stretch your lips and smile. It subconsciously sends a signal to his brain and makes him think something is working in the relationship.

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Tip #7

When you ask something about his past or his personal life, if he starts telling bit by bit but suddenly hesitates to tell something.....just be silent and maintain eye contact. He will tell everything if you silently wait and look into his eyes.


Tip #8

If you want your guy to believe that you are exciting, here is a tip. On the first date itself, take him to an amusement park where there are activities that give an adrenaline rush. Or try adventure sports. Or take him to the scary house. Such activities on a first date can give a rush and it might give him an illusion that you are an exciting person though its the activity you chose that gave all the excitement!


Tip #9

A tip: Do you want him to feel excited whenever he looks at you? Then you must start showing excitement whenever you see him in every meeting. After a few meetings, he too will gradually start showing excitement whenever he sees you! It works!

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Tip #10

Human beings can sense a touch and remember it for days together. On the first date, accidentally touch him either while walking or having lunch and simply say "Sorry" to cover your deliberate act. Subtle touch can create wonders.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 10:00 [IST]
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