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Why You Don’t Need To Prepare For A Date

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You can prepare for an examination because you fear failure. But do you need to make special preparations when you are going to meet your soul mate? Not required if that person truly loves you and is ready to accept you as you are.

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In some relationships, you wish to show only your perfect side. That is because of insecurity. You fear that you will be dumped if you show your true self. But what's the use of staying in such relationships?

In some relationships, you don't need to fear anything as you know that your partner has accepted you totally along with all of your imperfections.

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In such a relationship, do you need to make preparations to cover up your ugly side before going on a date? Not required as love isn't divine if it can't swallow you totally making you feel accepted.


Reason #1

You are already accepted. Why do you need to work too hard when something is going on effortlessly? So, relax and chill out before the date.


Reason #2

You don't need to pretend. Why do you need to impress someone after you have been accepted? You don't need to pretend in the company of a soul mate. Just be yourself.


Reason #3

You don't have to show off. None of us can be good looking all the time. Sometimes, you may look good and sometimes your skin may look pale due to insufficient seep. Why do you need to show off whether it is by bragging about yourself, or trying to apply a fat layer of makeup? Be natural and see if you are accepted.


Reason #4

He or she knows your inner self. That is the truth and the essence of your personality. If that was already revealed, all external preparations can't help elevate or destroy the bond.


Reason #5

The aim of the date is to feel good in each other's company. It is not about satisfying your ego or each other's ego.


Reason #6

Acceptance comes from the heart; calculations come from the mind. If he or she is a calculative person, or if you are a calculative person, then acceptance is impossible. But if that person has accepted you totally, you can bid goodbye to your calculative side before a date.


Reason #7

A love union is operated by higher forces. Though you may never believe this, soul mate contracts are made much before you were born on this planet. They seem to be destined and decided by bigger forces that human beings can never understand.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 30, 2016, 13:05 [IST]
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