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Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive?

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Men secretly love mature women though they date young girls. There is something magical about a mature woman who carries herself with grace and elegance.

In many surveys where identities of the participants were kept anonymous, men declared that they prefer dating women over 40 rather than hanging out with a woman in her twenties. Many men fantasise mature women in their dreams.

What is it about women over 40? Why are they so attractive to men? Well, here are some obvious reasons.

Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive6

Reason #1
Young women create problems, but women over 40 solve problems!

Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive1

Reason #2
Young women are pampered, women over 40 pamper!

Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive2

Reason #3
Young women are busy dreaming, women over 40 are busy living the dream!

Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive7

Reason #4
Young women have a lot to learn, but women over 40 have a lot to teach!

Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive5

Reason #5
Young women love flattery, women over 40 appreciate compliments.

Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive4

Reason #6
Young women are complicated, women over 40 are super simple!

Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive3

Reason #7
Young women argue, women over 40 discuss!

Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive9

Reason #8
Young women carry their emotional baggage, women over 40 know where to hide their baggage!

Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive11

Reason #9
Young women need romance, women over 40 seek meaningful heart-to-heart connection.

Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive10

Reason #10
Young women are eager to follow trends, but women over 40 are busy setting trends!

Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive12

Reason #11
Young women complain, women over 40 explain!

Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive8

Reason #12
Young women crave for attention, women over 40 command attention!

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