Things Women Hide From Men

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Men and women can fall in love with each other. But it doesn't mean that women share everything with men. They too hide certain things and there is nothing wrong in it.

In fact, men find women mysterious for that very reason. Women keep certain aspects of their personality hidden.

But of course, we can't generalise anything as every individual is different. But let us discuss what most of the women prefer to hide from their men.

8 Things Women Hide From Men1

Her Secret Fantasies
Women may not feel free to talk openly about their secret fantasies or weird bedroom desires unless you are really an open minded guy who doesn't judge her.

8 Things Women Hide From Men2

The Million Things That Go In Her Head
Women have so many thoughts constantly going on in their heads. Those thoughts could be about life in general, future, makeup, shopping, pleasure, fear, or even insecurities. But they would hide all that from you with a composed smile.

8 Things Women Hide From Men3

About Her Previous Crushes
she will never tell you everything about her previous crushes or boyfriends. And if you keep pestering her to spill beans, you will look like an intruding idiot to her!

8 Things Women Hide From Men4

Bodily Hair
She would like to look and feel prefect all the time and wouldn't feel good if you look at her body hair.

8 Things Women Hide From Men5

Sometimes, your words tend to hurt her. Sometimes, your mindless actions could hurt her. But most of the cases, she may hide her pain to avoid being perceived as over-sensitive. She may hide her hurt but it is better to be more empathic.

8 Things Women Hide From Men6

She Wants To Look Better Than Your Ex
Though she hides this desire, she would like to look better than all your ex-girlfriends and office colleagues too.

8 Things Women Hide From Men7

She Still Stalks Her Ex
She sometimes gets curious about how her ex is doing. She may check out his Facebook page casually. But she doesn't want you to know about it.

8 Things Women Hide From Men

She Has A Crush Over A Woman!
Yes, even some straight women may have crush over other women. But they'll hide the fact!

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