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Is Your Partner Often Pointing Out Flaws?

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In the first stage of a relationship, everything about the partner tends to look beautiful. But as days pass by, the newness dies down and the high comes down.

That is when even small things look like faults of the partner. Your tolerance levels may come down and both of you may start finding faults in each other.

If you are not aware in that stage, gradually, your relationship may ruin itself in the fault finding game. Read on to know more....

Is Your Partner Often Pointing Out Flaws1

Only Constructive Criticism Helps
Finding faults in others is a negative activity. If your partner loves you then he or she may need to offer constructive criticism, if at all, they see any fault in you. But blatantly criticising you is a toxic activity.

Is Your Partner Often Pointing Out Flaws2

With Time, Fault-Finding Becomes A Habit
Once the ego starts feeding on satisfaction derived by finding a fault in the other person and criticising him or her, it turns into an addiction and a daily chore. So, if your partner gradually makes it a daily habit to keep complaining, stay alert! It is an addiction in its first stage.

Is Your Partner Often Pointing Out Flaws3

Arguments Start
All arguments start when two people disagree with each other in a negative way. Healthy disagreements lead to mutual growth as both the partners learn something from each other. But unhealthy disagreements turn into conflicts as two partners start accusing each other.

Is Your Partner Often Pointing Out Flaws4

Hatred Increases
When your partner makes you feel bad all the time with criticism, you will obviously start hating him or her without your knowledge. That is when love starts dying in the relationship.

Is Your Partner Often Pointing Out Flaws5

You Too Will Start Finding Fault
Gradually, you may also start finding faults in your partner. At first, you may do that as its a defence mechanism in you. But slowly, you may also turn into a toxic person like your partner!

Is Your Partner Often Pointing Out Flaws6

It Becomes Abusive Relationship
When two people keep quarreling all the time, the relationship slowly gets toxic as both start seeking revenge everyday. The beauty of a relationship is lost at that stage.

In fact, fault finding habits may need to be curbed in the beginning itself. If the habit becomes part of one's personality then the joy of the relationship may start vanishing. That is when relationships get bitter.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 7:01 [IST]
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