What Makes You Unapproachable?

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Whether we know it or not, we tend to send out vibes all the time. Those vibes make others perceive us and label us as good, bad or whatever, depending upon that person's life experience.

How you carry yourself speaks volumes about you. So, if you are wondering why you don't have enough friendships, then it could be due to your vibes.

If you are wondering why you don't have a romantic partner, it could be because you are unapproachable. Here are some examples that make others think that you are unapproachable.

Why Guys Aren't Approaching You1

If you are always seen glued to your mobile phone, you are surely going to be perceived as unapproachable. Whether it is in the bus or social situations, always gazing at the mobile may make you look like someone who is preoccupied with something.

Why Guys Aren't Approaching You2a

If you never smile at others and always wear a frown or a neutral expression on your face, people might not feel like approaching you. Many surveys claim that people who smile more can successfully make more friends.

Why Guys Aren't Approaching You2

The next important aspect is your body language. If you aways display closed gestures like folding hands, you may seem unapproachable. The way you sit, the way you stand and the way you move your body, everything communicate your attitude.

Why Guys Aren't Approaching You3

When someone tries to talk to you, if you answer as if you have been disturbed, you will seem unapproachable. Also, if you display grumpy mood or wear a depressed look all the time, you may seem unfriendly to others.

Why Guys Aren't Approaching You4

If you don't make eye contact when someone approaches you, he or she may move on without spending much time with you as your eyes tell them that you aren't interested in a conversation.

Why Guys Aren't Approaching You6

What will surprise you is the fact that a recent survey claims that even overly-dressed people come across as unapproachable. If you wear overly expensive clothes and carry yourself as if you are craving to attract everyone's attention, people may not feel like approaching you.

Why Guys Aren't Approaching You6

Those who brag about themselves also seem unapproachable to others. People who talk only about themselves may repel others.

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