Is Your Partner An Emotional Manipulator?

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The problem with emotional manipulation is that you can't even realise that you are being manipulated by your partner.

Generally, emotional manipulators thrive on emotional blackmailing, accusing, feeling superior, trying to gain control over the partner, making the partner feel insecure and so on.

They tend to have a hidden urge to make the partner feel bad so that they get some satisfaction. Generally, manipulators are people who feed on negative energies. Now, here are some signs your partner is one...

Is Your Partner An Emotional Manipulator1

Only The First Few Days Will Be Great
During the initial stages of the relationship, he or she makes you feel really special and give you the feeling that you are experiencing the best relationship in your life.

Is Your Partner An Emotional Manipulator2

He/She Twists Your Words
Gradually, as your partner's insecurities and inner restlessness kicks in, he or she may start twisting your words at the slightest argument. Even if you say something harmless, they may twist the meaning and accuse that you are hurting them without any reason.

Is Your Partner An Emotional Manipulator3

He/She Plays The Victim
Your partner may start playing the victim card only to make you feel like a villain. Some people derive a high when they make others feel guilty as they can feed their ego with the negative energy and drama on a daily basis.

Is Your Partner An Emotional Manipulator4

He/She Is Concerned Only About Her Problems
A manipulative partner tends to be selfish. He or she will only fulfill their needs in the relationship and deprive you of love. Also, you'll always be asked to work on their problems but seldom do they listen to your problems.

Is Your Partner An Emotional Manipulator5

Aggressive Behaviour
When the going gets tough, a manipulator could also get aggressive and abusive. If you are not falling in the emotional trap, they may become frustrated and restless.

Is Your Partner An Emotional Manipulator6

Hitting On Your Insecurities
Your partner may maintain a list of your mistakes and try to eat your head pointing out every small mistake of yours to make you feel guilty and insecure all the time.

Frankly speaking, any abusive relationship is unhealthy. Not saying no to abuse may also prove to be unhealthy as it spoils your life and scar you for a long time.

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