Does Demonetisation Affect Arranged Marriages?

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Arranged marriages have a good reputation and success rate too. But unfortunately, arranged marriages also carry a negative reputation especially in places where the custom of dowry prevails.

Dowry is nothing but a heavy sum of money paid by the woman's family to the man's family just for accepting the marriage proposal!

Demonetisation Affects Arranged Marriage

Though it might sound funny to many, such customs still exist secretly even after the government abolished such social evils.

Now, will the demonetization, affect such a custom? Yes, it could surely affect such transactions for many reasons.

Demonetisation Affects Arranged Marriage1

Firstly, giving or taking large sums of money isn't possible in the current situation. Old notes are banned and new notes are scarce. On-line transactions come under scanner if large sums of money changes hands.

Demonetisation Affects Arranged Marriage2

As there are withdrawal limits, it isn't easy to spend large sums of money for the arrangements. So, there is no other option except to control the marriage expenses.

Demonetisation Affects Arranged Marriage4

As gold purchases are also monitored, there is no way of buying gold without submitting proof of identity.

Demonetisation Affects Arranged Marriage5

Lavish weddings need lots of money. When so much of money is spent, Income tax officials may even ask for the origins of the money.

Demonetisation Affects Arranged Marriage6

This way, in the current scenario, it just got difficult for giving or taking dowry. But of course, social evils like dowry may not die such an easy death unless and until a majority of the society turns against them.

Educated youth are already changing the situation in urban areas by openly rejecting the idea of dowry. A day might come when arranged marriages cease to be financial transactions.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 12:54 [IST]
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