What Does He Notice In The First Meeting?

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Women tend to think that men only look at the sensual areas in the physical body of a woman. But no, there are a lot of other things that men notice.

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Yes, men admire many other things apart from the cleavage or any other beautiful part. Men admire women for various qualities too. Every human being is a whole package and you can't just look at a single area or a quality in a person to feel impressed.

Women generally think that men's eyes are glued only to the cleavage and back side of a woman when they first meet. Of course, some men have brought this kind of a bad reputation for the whole species but not men are like that.

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Now, let us discuss what men like in women. In other words, what do men look at when they first meet a woman?



Yes, your smile can make a man go bonkers. There is something very beautiful about a woman's smile and if your lips create dimples when they stretch, any man will die for it.



When a woman directly makes eye contact with her beautiful eyes, its irresistible. So, don't wear sunglasses when you first meet him. Show off your beautiful eyes. Don't go for loud eye makeup.



Men don't like women who wear strong perfumes. Of course, men also hate body odour but when you keep your body clean, there is peculiar smell that your body emits. He loves that.



Even if you are very hot, if your teeth are stained, he may never even dream of kissing you as he is scared of mouth odour too.



Men love long hair. Even if you don't have long hair, keep your hair clean and conditioned. But if you have long hair and if the cool breeze gently moves your hair, it would be a wonderful sight for any man.



Do you know that even the voice of women can turn on men? Yes, sweet voice and husky voice score well. Men notice your voice and tone when they first meet.


How You Carry Yourself

Whether you dress up like a super model or be simple, he just sees how you carry yourself. He doesn't care much about what you wear and what cosmetics you use.



Yes, let us admit it. Men literally scan the whole body with their eyes when you first meet. But don't take it in a wrong way if your date does it as he is just recording your picture in his mind so that he can later dream about you.

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