Kiss Day: Reasons To Kiss Your Girl

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Today is Kiss Day in the valentine's week. The most natural thing that happens after a boy and a girl fall in love is kiss. A kiss is an expression of love and therefore love birds all over the world observe the Kiss Day that comes a day before the valentines day.

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Everyone in this world would love to kiss and there are scientific reasons behind it. A kiss can lower the cortisol levels in you which means your stress gets minimised, and it increases serotonin which means you'll feel good after kissing.

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In fact, a kiss can lower your anxiety and keep you relaxed. If you have been trying meditation to minimise your stress and anxiety, try kissing for a change and see how it works. Now, here are some reasons to kiss.


If You Don't, Someone Else Will

Yes, your girlfriend deserves a kiss and if you don't offer it, then some other guy will get that opportunity!


It's The Highest Pleasure On This Planet

Yes, many people agree that a kiss is the most sought after pleasure and some even say that they like a kiss more than sex.


It's A Challenge

Even a strong man has to use all his strength to be gentle while kissing in order to get it right while brushing his lips against hers. It's a challenge, right? This is one reason to kiss and win the challenge.


A Kiss Has The Power To Patch Up

Yes, when everything else fails, just kiss and see, your breakups will be patched up immediately. This is one reason to kiss.


A Kiss Can Close Her Mouth

If your girlfriend is a chatter box, kiss her and close her mouth. You can live peacefully!


It's The Best Way Of Saying Sorry

If you hate saying sorry, just kiss her; she will just forgive you!


A Kiss Can Strengthen The Bond

A kiss can make your bond stronger and increase the intimacy. Without kissing, romantic relationships aren't complete.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 13, 2016, 10:49 [IST]
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