20 Things A Girl Wants

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Men complain that women are a bit complicated. But if you carefully take a deeper look, you will understand what a girl wants. Of course, nobody on this planet can claim full knowledge when it comes to understanding women.

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But yes, you can start somewhere instead of wondering how to please her. You may go wrong once or twice but gradually you may figure out what pleases your girl and what irks her.

Don't worry even if you make a mistake. Simply say sorry and try other things which might impress her.

Are you wondering why you should really take steps to impress her? Well, once you are in love with someone, you will naturally try to make that person happy.

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In fact, we love someone because it makes us feel good. So, trying to please her will surely give you a kick. Try it out without looking desperate. Here are some ways to start off.


Touch Her Waist

Be careful when you do this. If you are not emotionally close enough to her or if she is not in the right mood, this might back fire. But otherwise, she will surely like it.


Talk To Her (..IT Means...Let Her Talk!)

Talking to her doesn't mean you do the talking. Be a good listener and listen to her chatter. It makes her feel good.


Tell All Your Secrets To Her!

Yes, tell her some of your secrets....but tell her that you have told all of your secrets!


Offer Your Jacket

This action is a symbol of showing the 'protector' in you. Women would love to be taken care of.


Come Too Close, But Dont Kiss...

This action will raise her expectation but when you back off without kissing, it will make her crave for a kiss. Manage the act well.


Hug Her From Behind

Women love to be hugged from behind sometimes. Try this when possible.


Hug Tight

Tight hugs give a high to loved ones. Don't hesitate to convey your passion with a tight hug.


Make Her Laugh

Women love sense of humour. Occasionally, tell her a joke and make her laugh.


Take Her To Your Friend's Party

This act shows that you would want to tell the world about your relationship.


Hang Out With Her Friends

Spend some time with her friends and treat them well. This will make her happy.


Pull Her Into Your Lap

Make her feel secure and loved in your company. Take her into your lap when she tells you sweet nothings.


Sleep In Her Lap

When she is in a good mood, sleep in her lap like a small baby. she might feel good when you get cozy with her.


Kiss Her Suddenly

Women like pleasant surprises and this move may work if she is totally in love with you.


Remind Her That She's Beautiful

Sometimes, you might need to tell such lies too. But you will enjoy what follows after you praise her.


Keep Texting Her

Convey all your love through your texts. Sometimes, love-bombing helps overwhelm the other person with love.


Be With Her When She Feels Low

This is the most important factor that decides the future of your relationship. Be with her when she really wants you.


Grow A Beard And...

Grow a beard and brush it against her shoulder when she is sleeping.

Caution: If your beard is rough, sharp or unhygienic this move might backfire badly!


Propose Her

On a random day, when she least expects it, propose her and tell her that your life isn't life unless you marry her.


Marry Her

Marriage is one of the most important things a girl wants. Marry her and keep her happy.


Cook For The Rest Of Your Life..

Have you married her? Now, start cooking for the rest of your life if you really love her!

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