What To Do When She Has A Boyfriend

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When you like a girl, you first wonder what to do when she has a boyfriend. Well, firstly realise that she won't even look at anyone else if she is already happy in that relationship. But if she isn't happy and if she is trying to break up with that man then you will have chances of wooing her.

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Also, remember that she won't fall for you unless you prove that you are better than her current boyfriend in every aspect. Firstly, your job starts with knowing as much as you can about her and her current boyfriend.

Try to be a good friend of her before trying to become her boyfriend. Only when you can have conversations with her, you will be able to know what she likes and what she dislikes in a man.

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Remember that women don't fall so easily especially when they've been through certain phases of a relationship. They tend to mature a bit and that makes them wiser. Unless you come across as a stable and secure person, your job isn't going to be easy.

So, what to do when she has a boyfriend? Read on.


Step #1

Ask yourself one simple question. Are you really better than her current guy? Well, lets admit it. You can't even hope to woo her if you aren't.


Step #2

How comfortable is she in your company? If she feels more comfortable than she generally feels in the company of her guy then your chances might increase.


Step #3

Do you have any chances to prove your affection? Well, there should be some or the other way in which you can show how much you care for the other person. Otherwise, a bond cannot be established. Did you ever get a chance to drop her home? Did you even help her with some work? Did you get a chance to buy her some gift? Well, such events are the best ways to express affection.


Step #4

Did you ever get a chance to prove that you are better than her guy? Well, in some cases when she really needs someone around, her guy might be busy elsewhere. Snatch that opportunity to be by her side and prove that you are better than her guy.


Step #5

Can you pamper her better than her guy? Then do so because this is another way of scoring well.


Step #6

Try to show that you respect her in all ways and means possible. But at the same time, never make it look like you are planning to get into her life gradually. If she gets that doubt, you will be shown the door soon.


Step #7

Just wait for the right time. If she sees any ups and downs in her current relationship, you will get the first call. Console her first without trying to propose her directly. Let her heal and then try your luck.

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Story first published: Monday, January 18, 2016, 10:44 [IST]
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