Forming New Relationships At The Gym

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A new study claims that 80% of the people join a neighborhood gym only to find a new partner or impress their current partners by toning their bodies!

In the study, only 20% of the participants revealed that they have fitness goals in their minds when they joined the gym. The rest admitted that they wanted to meet someone interesting or attractive in the gym.

New Relationships At The Gym1

The study included more than 2000 people and most of them admitted that they had flings with other gym members of the opposite sex.
Some participants even revealed that they are in steady relationships with the people they found in the gym.

New Relationships At The Gym2

And when it comes to the other group which admitted that they wanted to tone their bodies well to attract new partners or current partners, they reported that their life became better after they started taking exercise seriously.

New Relationships At The Gym3

Another interesting aspect of this study is that nearly 67% of the women admitted that they had their gym instructor in their dreams.
A small group admitted that all they loved about a gym is the atmosphere in it where everyone is working out inspiring each other.

New Relationships At The Gym5

So, now you must have understood the reason why more number of people is showing interest in gyms and workouts these days. Well, in fact it is a lot better to hit the gym than staying lazy at home if you are seriously interested in a new relationship or better health.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 17, 2016, 17:32 [IST]
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