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Are Short Term Love Affairs Better?

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When it comes to love affairs, there are several types of them. A new study categorised them into 3 types. They are, long term affairs, short term affairs and situational affairs.

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As per the study, a majority of people generally tend to land in short term affairs. When an affair happens even before you get to know about the person then it can be called as a short term affair. In such affairs, two people may meet each other a few times and then its over.

When it comes to the long term affairs, two people fall in love with each other and begin a relationship and stay in it for reasonable time. Sometimes, they may also contemplate marriage.

When it comes to situational affairs, they are random bonds formed when two people are stuck in the same situation or work place and get intimate with each other for a span of time.

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Such relationships may end the moment they are separated. Examples are crushes in train journeys or offices. We seldom reach out to that person even though we share an intimate bond when we are in proximity.


Fact #1

Relationship experts say that a majority of people tend to like short term affairs or flings as they give them a high without burdening them emotionally.


Fact #2

Affairs could be dangerous on certain levels when not handled properly. But as short term affairs need almost no emotional investment, some people tend to prefer them.


Fact #3

Another aspect of short term affairs is that the people involved may soon split and might not even regret the separation and there is no depressive phase that follows the split.


Fact #4

The best thing that impresses many people in long term affairs is the emotional involvement. They feel loved and cared for. But at the same time, the emotional investment may trouble them in the relationship.


Fact #5

Also, when a long term affair breaks up, too much of pain can be experienced by the people involved. Also, some affairs tend to be dangerous especially when a partner forces the other to leave their spouse for the sake of the affair.


Fact #6

When it comes to situational affairs, they are totally harmless as they don't haunt you. In fact, some of them might not even involve physical intimacy.


Fact #7

When it comes to emotional affairs, they could be very dangerous even if they don't involve physical intimacy. This is because the spouse of the partner may suspect, feel dejected or feel ignored when a person is totally attached to someone else outside marriage; it could cause pain.

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