Are Cute Girls Better Than Hot Girls?

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Before we go any further, let us admit it. We can never generalise anything about human preferences. All we can do is take a look at statistics and understand the data but we can't conclude any answer especially when the question is: cute vs hot.

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This is because not all men are same and so are their preferences. Also, every man tends to have different preferences depending upon his age.

As he ages, his choices tend to become mature. And then, there is another factor that plays a role here. A man's upbringing, his surroundings and his genetics also play a very important role in his preferences.

And as basic instincts are powerful, no man can close his eyes when a very hot woman walks by. But at the same time, it doesn't mean that he prefers only hot women.

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Also, just because men prefer cute women when it comes to marriage, it doesn't mean that hot women are ignored. In fact, they get more number of partners competing for them. So, let us just take a casual look at the cute vs hot debate.


Hot Girls Are Too Hot To Handle

Though many don't like it, men first perceive a hot girl as eye candy. Generally, even men feel shy in the company of a super hot woman. But it is a fact that the moment a man sees a hot woman, the first thing he does is: imagine her naked in his dreams.


Hot Girls Get Unnecessary Attention

This makes a man uncomfortable too. When a man walks on the street along with his hot girlfriend, he might feel uncomfortable when too many eyes keep looking at his girl in the wrong places.


Cute Girls Are Good To Talk To

A cute girl is sweet and gives good company. Firstly, such a girl is easier to approach compared to a hot girl.


Cute Girls Make Good Life Partners

Men find a hot girl as a threat in the long run due to their own insecurities. But cute girls seem to come across like good life partners.


Cute Girls Feel Impressed When You Call Them Hot

The best part is: call a cute girl 'hot' and she will be so impressed and happy. That is the best way to make her day.


Hot Girls Get Impressed When You Call Them Cute

Yes, hot girls feel frustrated at times when the whole world perceives them as hot. Call them cute and they would feel good.


Cute Vs Hot? Ultimately, Men Like Women. Period.

Frankly speaking, most of the men like women. Cuteness, hotness, height, complexion are all secondary. When a man falls for a woman he too doesn't know what quality in the woman wooed him!

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