Why Unhappy Couples Stay Married

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Some couples constantly fight. We might wonder what's stopping them from going for a divorce. Why do unhappy couples stay married? Well, they have their own reasons to stay together and a third person may not understand those reasons.

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The reasons could be love for each other or even money; but there would be some or the other reason why people stick to each other even when things aren't working.

Is it healthy? Well, it is a tough question to answer because nobody would say that a divorce is a healthy thing. But when a current relationship is too much to handle and if it involves an abusive or a violent person, then a divorce can be a good solution.

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Also, a divorce implies may risks and inconveniences. It totally shatters a person emotionally and financially. That also makes any couple postpone the decision. Now, let us discuss why unhappy couples stay married.



Some couples stay together only because of children. Though they are not happy to live together, it is because of the kids that they strive to be together instead of opting for a divorce. As the life of a child may get affected if parents split, some couples carry on even when they are frustrated.



When a divorce involves huge sums of money or splitting of assets, that might also make some couples rethink the divorce decision. Such partners may choose to carry on together even though they are totally dissatisfied with their current partners.


Social Circle

Some people who carry an image in their social circles may see divorce as a step that might totally destroy their image in social circles. They might wonder how others might perceive them if they take a drastic step like divorce.



Some couples keep fighting day in and day out but they tend to be very attached emotionally. Such couples feel like they can't stay without each other even though they argue all the time. So, attachment keeps them together though their daily life seems to be stressful.


Fear Of Loneliness

When a partner feels that he or she might not get another partner after a divorce may feel insecure and that might actually force one to stay in a failed marriage.



Some people perceive a break up or a divorce as a shameful step or a failure. Such people would always prefer to stick to only one partner for a lifetime even when things are not up to the mark.



Some people who are too clingy tend to develop emotional dependence on the partner. To them, a person in a relationship is more like an addiction and they cannot imagine life without having that person around.

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