How Finances Affect Marriage

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Does your husband feel comfortable talking about the family finances? Does he keep the major transactions transparent? Does he hide any financial secret from you?

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Well, a recent study says that your intimacy may suffer in the long run if you are not open about your desire to know about your family finances with your husband.

In fact, many women who participated in a survey reported that when a husband isn't open about finances, a wife tends to feel insecure and this may also affect the sex life of the couple in the long run.

Today's women are more particular about participating in the family's financial planning. They would surely feel insecure if the man tries to hide the financial information or spend money secretly.

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In fact, a study says that financial secrets can totally mess up marriages. Statistics claim that finances are more dangerous than even infidelity. This is because a woman may feel insecure or betrayed when a husband never discuses finances with her.


Fact #1

As women would like to be treated as equals, they would naturally want to know where the family's money is going.


Fact #2

Women who try to suppress their resentment about finances, seldom feel romantic. Their marriage may soon lack passion.


Fact #3

A man who craves for lots of romance with his wife every night, but seldom feels okay to talk about his money is a turn off to any woman.


Fact #4

When both the partners are working, women tend to be more particular about the financial planning as they would hate to see money being invested in the wrong places.


Fact #5

A study says that when a woman openly expresses her desire to be a apart of the family's financial planning, most of today's men are welcoming the decision. So there is no reason to hesitate anymore.


Fact #6

There is nothing wrong in discussing your financial and emotional needs with your partner. In fact, that would sort out most of the differences and enhance romance in marriage.


Fact #7

A wiser thing to do is to discuss everything before marriage and see whether your man is okay to discuss his finances with you.

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Story first published: Friday, January 8, 2016, 11:18 [IST]
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