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Why Eloping Is A Bad Idea

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Why do couples elope? When a couple is passionately in love with each other and when the people around them or the society doesn't accept their relationship, they tend to find eloping as a solution.

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A recent study claims that couples who have eloped tend to be unhappy later on. After questioning nearly 2000 couples, relationship experts understood that nearly 89% of them regretted their decisions much later.

This might surprise many of us because we still believe that true love might have driven those couples when they eloped. But on the contrary, relationships experts found out that only 15% of the couples who elope tend to take a mature decision basing solely on love, the rest might do it for passion, pleasure or a high and they are the ones who generally realise that they took a wrong decision.

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Also, couples who are too young and who are too adventurous tend to take certain decisions without giving it much of a thought. The may fail to see the consequences of certain actions and how their decisions may impact their lives and their family's lives later on.

Now, let us discuss why eloped couples tend to be unhappy later on.


The Initial High Wanes

Putting a few genuine couples aside, most of the others generally do so for the kick and the high they get when they do an adventure with a loved one. Of course when a couple has genuine problems in convincing their elders then, maybe they elope for genuine reasons.


They Miss Their Families

After the first few days or months, they would gradually start missing the love of their family members and friends. That is when they feel a vacuum in their lives.


They'd Long To Come Back

Though they wish to go back, they'd feel either scared or guilty and this stops them. Their inner longing may increase and this creates sad feelings and regrets inside.


They Miss General Social Life

When a couple elopes, they suddenly have to cut themselves off the regular social lives that they enjoy in their daily life. As they are deprived of the social connections at least temporarily because they have to hide far away, they may feel very lonely after the kick comes down.


They Gradually See Flaws In Partner

Mature couples do digest the fact that no relationship is perfect. But most of the couples who elope imagine a beautiful life with partner and they tend to get disappointed when they realise that the partner is imperfect. That is when arguments start.


They Encounter Daily Life Issues

Any couple need to face and pass through certain tests of time which includes the regular daily life problems. How they face them as a team decides the longevity of the relationship and this is where most of the eloped couples fail.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 7, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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