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Do Guys Fake Orgasims

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Do guys fake orgasims? A new study reveals that nearly 28% of men fake their orgasms. When they were questioned by the researchers, they gave different reasons for why they had to fake it.

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Since centuries, we believed that only women fake orgasms. Of course, according to researchers, nearly 65% of women fake orgasms at some or the other point of their lives.

But when men too admitted that they too fake, its a revelation! Well, confidence can't be faked, love can't be faked but orgasms can be.

Also, relationships have changed a lot over the past few decades and everything about lifestyle and romance underwent some drastic change. Maybe, this is the reason why even men have come into a situation where they had to fake it to escape the embarrassment.

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Health experts suggest that discussing the actual needs with spouse is important as faking might spoil the relationship some or the other day. Now, let us take a look at the general reasons that men gave for their faking job.


Inability To Reach Climax

Yes, some men do face a problem in reaching climax on time. This may be due to stress, age or any other factor or even a temporary problem. Such men tend to act as if they are enjoying an ecstasy during the act.



Certain medications also affect the ability to reach climax. So, people using antidepressants or suffering from certain medical conditions tend to fake it sometimes in order to keep their partners happy.


They Don't Want To Disappoint The Partner

Men who hate their partners but still are locked up in the marriage for other reasons (kids) tend to fake it whenever they are forced to get into the bedroom activity.


Too Much Of 'Self-Help'

Some men who are used to using their own hands for their pleasure during their teens may sometimes fail to get properly aroused by a woman. They might sometimes fake it in order to please their life partners.


Low Libido Levels

When libido levels are affected, there could be many consequences like erectile dysfunction, low desire levels and so on. In some people, though the erections are perfect, reaching the climax may seem challenging.


Too Much Of Porn

Some men who are obsessed with porn might need weird methods to reach climax. Such men generally can't discuss their needs with their spouse and therefore, they fake it.



When a man is in a physical relationship with a woman but is not ready to make her pregnant, he may act as if he reached the climax but will not reach an orgasm to avoid unexpected pregnancy.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 14, 2016, 9:24 [IST]
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