Why To Wait Before Saying I Love You

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A recent study says that waiting for at least 5-6 months before you propose someone is better. Every relationship goes through certain initial stages starting from seeing each other for the first time, having conversations to dating each other.

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If you are wondering how long to wait before saying I love you, then relationship experts say that waiting for at least 5-6 months would be better instead of taking a hasty decision.

The study says that most of the couples today are kissing each other almost on the first date. Some of them say 'I love you' in the subsequent meetings, which is quite early.

As a part of the study researchers studied nearly 2000 couples. Most of them who were too fast in proposing regretted later on and the ones who waited for more than 5 months to declare love went into stable relationships.

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Well, why is it better to wait before saying I love you? Relationship experts give some reasons. Read on.


Reason #1

Some people may come across as perfect people in the first meeting but a few months of interaction might bring out their imperfections. Nobody can pretend for long and that is when you see their real face.


Reason #2

Generally, the first argument between you will expose the tolerance levels of both of you. A situation to argue may not come up in the initial stages of a relationship. That is why it is better to wait.


Reason #3

What if the parents of both sides are not happy with your relationship? Well, though their acceptance might seem important, things would be better if you can get the support of parents too. Therefore, waiting till you know her parents could help.


Reason #4

What if your partner is a cheat? Well, many men (or women) tend to double date. They would like to have several options before choosing you. If you perceive that as cheating then you may get disappointed if you propose a new person so soon without knowing about their dating history or patterns.


Reason #5

What if you find yourself incompatible? Well, waiting for 6 months would let you know how well your likes and dislikes affect the relationship.


Reason #6

Do finances affect relationships? In the starting stages, people in relationships tend to be emotional but later on, they turn practical and that is when money comes in. If you and your partner are not okay with the money inflow and the expenditure, it might affect your relationship. Therefore, waiting is better.


Reason #7

What does love mean to you? Is it marriage? Or would you just like to live in with someone? What if your partner just wants to love you and not marry you? Waiting for 6 months will clear such doubts.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 10:34 [IST]
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