Why Asking A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend Is Not A Bad Idea

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There is nothing wrong in asking a guy to be your boyfriend. Though we are in a society where women are expected to be silent and calm, days have changed.

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Today's women are confident and are competing with men in all careers. In fact, they reached the top in many careers.
There is nothing wrong in talking to a guy. There is nothing weird about asking him out. There is nothing bad about dating a guy to know whether he is right for you.

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To start off, all that you need to do is, ask him out. Well, if your favourite colleague asks you out, that's fine. But what if he is hesitating or what if he doesn't know that you have feelings for him? Well, ask him out and you will know.


Men Like It

Yes, today's men like confident, straightforward and successful women. So, he would surely like it if you ask him out.


What If He Is Shy?

Yes, some men are shy. If your man has feelings for you, but is feeling shy to express them, you can make his job easier by asking him out.


Your Wait Will End

Instead of waiting for him to make the first move, instead of thinking and speculating whether he really has feelings for you, it is better to clear your doubts by directly asking him.


He Will Never Know About Your Feelings

If you never talk, he will never know that you like him. He might even move on!


Someone Else Will Take Him Away

This is the biggest danger. Ask him out before someone else around you does that.


It Speak Volumes About You

When you take a daring step, it tells how straight forward and serious you are. Men admire strong women and you are exactly that if you ask him out.


If He Rejects, It Speaks Volumes About Him

Yes, even if he rejects your offer, you don't need to worry because you will realise that he isn't worth it.

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