What Is So Special About Your First Kiss?

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A kiss is one of the greatest experiences that gives us pleasure. In fact, the first kiss is almost a divine experience as it introduces us to a new world of ecstasy.

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A new pleasure is surely addictive and research says that all human beings crave kissing experiences more than any other experience on this planet.

The first kiss is special. Even if you have already kissed many times in the past, if you are going to kiss a new person now, it is still your first kiss and it tends to be special.

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In fact, if you take a look at what goes inside your brain and body during a kiss, you will understand why the first kiss really sends us into a world of ecstasy. Read on....


Fact #1

When you kiss for the first time, your brain tries to study the other person and gathers some data about that person. This may help you take the next step.


Fact #2

The moment you brush your lips with the other person, Endorphins are released and this gives you a feeling of euphoria.


Fact #3

The first kiss makes your heart beat faster and this makes your brain get more oxygen. Your entire body goes through many chemical reactions.


Fact #4

In fact just expecting your first kiss can fire certain reward-pathways in your brain. This spikes dopamine levels and you will experience great pleasure.


Fact #5

As your lips contain nerve endings, the sensations of a first kiss are sent to the brain very fast and this activates many areas of your brain.


Fact #6

During your first kiss, your nose tries to sniff the other person to get information. A woman's brain uses the scent to detect the man's genetic makeup.


Fact #7

Due to the Dopamine rush after your first kiss, you won't feel like eating or sleeping. You are in the clouds.


Fact #8

As dopamine rush can also form an addiction, you may crave for the other person if your first kiss really goes well.


Fact #9

Due to these myriad number of processes that go inside our bodies during the first kiss, it tends to be so special for us. In fact, research says that most of us treasure the first kiss in our memories more than the first sexual experience.

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