Here's Why Casual Sex Could Be Dangerous!

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Surprisingly, a recent survey shows that nearly 75% of today's men and women agreed that they have had at least one secret casual hookup in their past. This number is in fact higher compared to the percentage of people who did such things in the past generation.

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Well, relationship experts also show the reason why today's youth is trying to experiment with their bodies more. In older times, as soon as a person reaches puberty, they got married whereas today, the average age of marriage has become 30.

As there is a lot of gap between one's teenage and marriage, controlling physical desires could get difficult. Not everyone would get a partner to get into a stable relationship. So, at least some would like to experiment with a stranger at least to know how the whole experience would be.

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But is casual sex wrong? Well, it is not the question of right or wrong but is its a question about safe or unsafe.


You Might Feel Guilty

Some acts make us feel proud whereas some acts make us feel guilty later on. Even if casual hookups are not really a crime, there would be fear lurking in some corner in you when you engage in a sexual act with a total stranger without thinking twice. This fear may cause guilt.


You Might Be Blackmailed

If you end up hooking up with a person having ulterior motives, he or she may cling to you and start blackmailing you for money or more fun.


Your Relationship Might Get Affected

If you are in a relationship when you had a secret hook up then your relationship may suffer many risks. If you are not in any relationship at the time of the hookup, your future relationships will see at least a small impact. What if your future partner perceives you as an unstable person after knowing about your past?


You Might Get Addicted To Small Thrills

Some thrills can make you an addict immediately. And like any other addiction, even hookups start affecting various areas of your life.


Your Ability To Stay Committed May Go For A Toss

As your mind enjoys the instant thrills, normal stable relationships may seem boring to you. This makes you unstable in relationships.


They Affect Self Esteem And Satisfaction Levels

A recent survey claims that people who are into too many hookups tend to have low self esteem levels. Also, such acts may indicate a person's inner loneliness and lack of satisfaction in life.


Risk Of STDs

If the hookups involve total strangers or escorts whose health history is totally unknown, then the risk of suffering certain diseases may also arise.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 4, 2016, 11:07 [IST]
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