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10 Reasons Why Good Relationships Go Bad

Do you know that sour taste in your mouth just after a break up? When you are wiping your tears after a break up, you often wonder how did it all go so wrong. Most relationships do not begin on a bad note or are doomed from the start. So why do good relationships go bad with time? It can be interesting to introspect and find out why good relationships end.


The dynamics of a relationship change with time and that is why most good relationships go bad. The priorities of a relationship do not remain the same throughout its duration. For example, when you were in college, the sole purpose of your relationship might have been to party together. But as you pass out, you will have to concentrate on your respective careers and think about the future of your relationship.

No matter what reason relationships end, it always hurt. But it hurts much worse when a good relationship that could have been successful goes sour. So you need to know and understand why good relationships go bad.


Little Lies That Add Up

Sometimes, we tell lies to avoid a confrontation for the time being. But when these lies add up one after another, you end up looking like a pathological liar in front of your partner. And finally, there is a breach of trust that makes the relationship sour.


Communication Gap

Even you start off by liking each other, you can hardly sustain a relationship where there is no communication. When you cannot communicate clearly with your partner, even good relationships can go bad.



Distance always makes the heart grow fonder. But this funda does not work as far as relationships are concerned. Distance gives rise to misunderstandings and arguments even in healthy relationships.



If there is one disease for which there is no cure, then it is suspicion. If you are suspicious about your partner, then this insecurity will eat into the base of your relationship.


Lack Of Space

If you start sucking up to your partner too much and don't give him/her any space, it will start affecting your relationship. Lack of space suffocates people and drives them away.


Unrealistic Expectations

Most of us have very rosy ideas about relationships. We do not realise that in real life, relationships do not work out as we want them to. Sacrifices, disagreements and heartaches are part and parcel of every relationship.


Expect Your Partner To Be Your Clone

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they share brain waves with their partner. Your partner is not your clone so he or she will not look at situations like you will. And never expect your partner to understand how you feel without being told.


Emotional Baggage

Even good relationships can turn sour if one person has emotional baggage. Do not allow your past to ruin your future. Leave emotional baggage at the doorstep of your old address.



Relationships are like plants. It is not enough to plant a sapling. You have to water it, give it shade and protect it from the wind for it to flower as a plant. May be you started on a good note, but if you start taking your partner for granted and stop working on the relationship, he or she will just get bored.


Different Goals

When life pulls two people in different directions, then even good relationships are torn apart. Most often professional incompatibility plays spoilsport in relationships that have a lot of potential.

Story first published: Saturday, August 2, 2014, 12:32 [IST]
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