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15 Common Lies Couples Tell Each Other


A relationship is not always sunny and bright. Couples do have their share of fights and misunderstandings which often lead to lies. There are only a 'few' handpicked common lies in a relationship we have picked up to share with you. Realistically, there are more than a 100!

Couples often tell lies in a relationship just to get out of a tricky or difficult situation. These common lies in the relationship often lead to severe fights, and even a breakup too. After marriage, men lie to their wives just to get out of the nagging sight. Does it really help you guys?


Women, on the other hand, often lie to their partner when it comes to having lunch. Women, in general, never like to eat alone and if there is a male companion with her, she feels safe. In situations like these, boyfriends of these women do not like the idea. Therefore, the only thing for the woman to do is create a white lie - "I ate alone, today!".

Just like this, there are other common lies couples tell each other in a relationship and in a marriage too. But, most often these 15 common lies are faced in a relationship.

15 common lies couples tell each other:


“I Did Not See That Girl”

Walk into a store and the first thing he does is to look at the other girl, even if he is holding your hand. Attractions like these will never die down.


“I Was Talking To My Mum”

His number seems to be busy all the time. It surely gets you ticked off, especially when it is urgent. This is one of the common lies in a relationship which men love to tell their woman.


“I Smoked Only 3”

The whole packet of cigarettes goes missing when you ask him how much he has smoked during the day. The least number always comes to your partner's mind, which is the biggest common lie!


“It Is My First Time”

Couples who are ready to take their relationship to the next level, tend to tell this to their partner.


“I Was Really Working”

No one asked if you were really, really, really working. Why do you have to get so angry by emphasising that you were working and not up to anything else.


“We Are Just Friends”

The other common lie in a relationship couples tell each other is when they are confronted about the other sex.


“My Mother Cooks Better”

This is the case which happens post marriage. Unfortunately, guys will eat anything that is cooked well.


“I Ate Alone”

This is one of the common lies told by a woman in a relationship. As stated earlier, women hate the idea of eating alone.


“I Want To Get Married To You”

Women love the thought of marriage and the after life. Call it an empty promise, but it is also one of the common lies in a relationship.


“Let's Have Kids & Live Happily Ever After”

After the topic of marriage, this is the second most common lie in a relationship men love to tell their woman.


“No, You Are Not Looking Fat”

Women love compliments and men make sure to lie through their teeth. This is one of the nasty common lies told by men in a relationship.


“I Had A Shower Only This Morning”

Who doesn't love water and baths. However, men are exceptions! The whole process of taking a shower becomes a burden or a boring challenge for them to accept.


“I Will Be Home In Just 2 Minutes”

There is no 2 minutes in a man's dictionary. Men never take this long to come home because they actually take longer! (pun intended)


“ I Hate Makeup”

Women who want to cover up their scars love makeup, but claim to hate makeup. This is another common lies in a relationship told by couples.


“Drinking??? I Was At Office”

The other lie which couples tell each other is when they are caught drinking. They often pass it off to say they were in office and not in the bar.

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