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Feeling Awkward While Going Out With Couples? 6 Ways To Avoid Being The Third Wheel

Are you constantly facing the situation where you are hanging out with your friend and his or her partner? Trust me there is nothing as bad as being the third wheel. The couples will often invite you to hang out with them, but then you are left out while they get cosy with each other. Even though you may feel like not going out with them, they may drag you stating, 'We feel good to hang out with you.' But do you know there are actually some ways through which you can avoid being the third wheel?


Scroll down to read those ways.

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1. Let The Couple Have Their Space

You need to allow your couple friends to spend time together and explore their relationship. If you are seeing your friend almost every day and texting him or her quite often, then it is better to make some adjustments. Let your friend spend some quality time with his or her partner. That doesn't mean you need to delete their contacts forever, but it is good to let your couple friends enjoy their love life.


2. Find Out Some Alternatives

At times, your couple friends will invite you to hang out with them and ask you to join them. But rather than allowing yourself to be dragged, you can choose to stay at your place and spend the day according to your wish. You can tell, 'I will be completing my assignments', 'I'll love to binge-watch' or 'you guys carry on, I'm would like to have some rest'. You can then look for some alternate activities to do such as volunteering in an orphanage or learning some new recipes.

3. Be Honest To Express Your Feelings

The moment you express your disagreement for hanging out with the couples, where either one of the partners may happen to be your friends, he or she may ask you the reason behind your denial. In that case, it is better to tell the real reason rather than making lame excuses such as being ill or having a slight headache. You can tell your friend how you love to see them spend some quality time together and you feel awkward when he/she gets cosy with their partners.

4. Focus On The Group Activities

If you hate the idea of staying at your place while your friends are hanging out, it is better to find some new groups and hang out with them. You can focus on more group activities such as shopping, sports, swimming, dancing, etc. This will not only keep you engaged but, will also help you to know new people.

5. Do What Makes You Happy

Rather than feeling neglected only because your friend is in a relationship is stupid. There are a lot of things that you can do to make yourself happy. If you love watching movies, then quickly get the tickets and enjoy the film or if you are an adventurous person, go for trekking, plan a solo-trip and do whatever you feel like doing. This will help you to avoid a situation where you become the third wheel.

6. Find A Suitable Partner

You can also find a suitable partner if you want. This will save you from being the third wheel while your friends are enjoying themselves with their partners. Also, you can do enjoy yourself with your partner rather than feeling lonely.

Understand one thing clearly that you are never out of choices, you can always do something that makes you feel happy and take better care of yourself. One can surely, avoid being the third wheel if he or she understands the relationship dynamics of the couples.

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It is not that spending time with couples can make you feel lonely and depressed. It can actually help you in knowing what a relationship looks like. Therefore, stay positive and look for other alternatives, while your friend is with his or her partner.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 10:44 [IST]
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