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In A Relationship? 6 Tips That Can Help You To Keep Misunderstandings At Bay

People who have been into romantic relationships, know, how fights and conflicts can occur in their relationships and affect it. Also, there will be certain difficult situations that might make or break a relationship if not handled with care or resolved in an effective manner.

If you think showing care, spending quality time and sharing things with your partner will keep your relationship strong and keep misunderstandings at bay, then that's not the truth.

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Even if you have spent a long time with your partner, you must know misunderstandings are inevitable. Both of you have different perspectives and way of thinking, therefore, you and your partner might not agree on the same thing all the time. Though misunderstandings are quite disturbing, one can surely resolve it wisely.

We have listed some ways that can help you in resolving the misunderstandings between you and your partner.

1. Listen Carefully When Your Partner Speaks

One of the most common factors that lead to a misunderstanding is when people not listening to each other. You might be waiting for your turn to speak or share your opinion with your partner while your partner is speaking or simply, you might not feel like listening to your partner. This way you won't be able to pay attention to what your partner is saying.

It is advisable that you pay attention to what your partner is saying and it would help you in preventing basic misunderstandings.

Also, if you have listened to your partner carefully, you can understand what he or she is trying to say and hence, there would be no confusion that might lead to misunderstandings.

2. Be Specific When You Convey Your Thoughts

Reading minds is not everyone's cup of tea. Therefore, it is better that you know specifically what you say. If you think your partner will be able to guess what you want, then you might be wrong.

Sometimes your partner might read your mind but that won't be possible every time. Unless you don't voice your thoughts, opinions, perspectives, and desires, your partner won't be able to understand the same.

Like you can say 'I feel jealous when you hang out with another girl/boy' rather than saying 'who is that girl/boy you were hanging out with?'

3. If You Have Doubts, Clear Them

Instead of overthinking and cooking up things in your mind, it is always advisable to discuss the things with your partner. If you have any doubts or uncertainty in your mind, let your partner help you out in this situation. Such as, if you think your partner wouldn't like your idea of switching your job then it is better to discuss it with them. Ask if he or she is really upset with your decision. This will not only help you in preventing the misunderstandings but also in resolving it in a beautiful manner.

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4. Take A Step Back When Conflicts Arise

Rather than jumping into an argument, why not take a step back to save your relationship from misunderstanding? This won't make you weak or incompetent. In fact, you will be able to save your relationship from meeting the bitter and disastrous end. If your partner is angry, you can either go for a short walk or take deep breathes to keep yourself calm even in that situation.

But that doesn't mean you have to accede to what your partner has to say. You can also put your opinion and points once your partner is calm. Your partner is not your enemy, therefore, fighting to simply prove your point is not a good thing.

5. Try To Understand Your Partner's Perspective

Reaching a conclusion or judging them the moment your partner says something is not at all a good thing to do. Wait a moment and try to understand the perspective of your partner. You can ask your partner to explain his or her point once more.

Also, try to use sentences like, 'I didn't understand what you said just now, can you please explain one more time?' rather than saying 'You do not sound convincing to me'. The former sounds polite and will let your partner know that you are really interested in knowing what he or she is thinking.

6. Leave The Blame Game Behind

Blaming someone is quite an easy job. But nobody likes to be in the blame game. Therefore using sentences like 'you never do this', 'you are always busy on your phone' might lead to a heavy misunderstanding even if you don't mean it. You might be trying to let your partner acknowledge his or her mistakes, but your partner might take it as a criticism and humiliation.

Instead, you can tell your partner, 'It's been so long since you did this' or 'can you please keep your phone aside and listen to me'. This will neither sound complaining nor there will be any misunderstandings.

7. Prefer Meeting In-Person Instead Of Texting

Technology has brought people closer as it provides a better and faster medium of communication. Though you are able to connect with your partner through messages and social media platforms, you might not be able to clear the misunderstandings through the same medium because technology cannot convey your emotions and hence they won't help. Meeting in person and looking into the eyes would have a better impact than exchanging messages via online texting apps. Therefore, if there is a misunderstanding between you and your partner, meeting in person can be a better choice.

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Though dealing with misunderstandings could be difficult, we hope the above points will help you in clearing out any sort of issues that might have occurred in your relationship.

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